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  • Type: Product Connector

    Product: Maximizer and Sage 50

  • Date: 21st February 2018

    Area: Accounting information

Maximizer – Connecting with Sage 50


Your sales people’s priority is to keep their accounts happy. They also need to be sure they are settling their invoices, but should they be spending valuable time trying to find out what the status of each account is?  Imagine how useful it would be for them to be able to access key accounts information via your Maximizer CRM system.
And that is just one of the things our new Sage 50 connector for Maximizer is designed for.  Better still, it will provide a 360-degree view of all your customers by taking a feed of high level information from your Sage accounts package, including: Account Status – Account Balance -Account on hold – Revenue YTD -Revenue MTD – Last Invoice and Payment Date.
Our connector also adds two new tabs to your customer records, showing: Sales Orders – Invoices and Sales Receipts.

MaxFinancials will enable you to

  • Bring customer financial data in from Sage 50 into Maximizer
  • Produce Dashboards showing true financial information
  • Provides 360 view on customer financials in CRM

MaxFinancials for Sales and Marketing

  • Profile customers
  • Check financial information without needing access to accounts systems
  • Check credit worthiness/overdue balances
  • To amalgamate financial and CRM data for analysis, trends, campaigns etc
  • Profile customers and target high/low spend customers using finance data

MaxFinancials for Management

  • Customer spend information
  • True financial figures and analysis
  • Ability to dashboard financial information
  • Analyse financial information using a CRM dimension


So, at last, thanks to the unrivalled power of Maximizer CRM, your management team and sales people, whether in the office or on the road, will be able to view, search and analyse all your key data quickly and efficiently.

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