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  • Type: Product Connector

    Product: Maximizer and Bing Maps

  • Date: 14th February 2018

    Area: Mapping

Maximizer – Mapping onto Bing Maps

Maps for Maximizer, a new add-on for Maximizer CRM, uses the power of Bing Maps to display Maximizer customer records in a totally new way.

Using this exciting new connector via the list view in Maximizer, you can plot any set of customer addresses on to a map.

Whether you’re a salesperson planning your sales itinerary in a selected area, or a marketer wanting a visual representation of where your customers are located, MaxMaps produces them for you – fast, simply and efficiently.

MaxMaps will also enable you to search by distance from a specific postcode, giving you directions for your selected route and, for easier analysis, sorting large numbers of records into clusters.

MaxMaps for Sales

  • Mapping add-on that plots multiple AB entries onto Bing maps
  • Radius Search tool for UK address based on the outcode/miles
  • Plans a route between multiple addresses
  • Appointment planning
  • Planning routes on travel days
  • Finding prospects/customers nearby

MaxMaps for Marketing

  • Visual location analysis
  • Leads
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Customer profiling

MaxMaps for Management

  • Territory management
  • Scheduling (field engineers etc.)
  • Customer profiles
  • Sales team activities
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