Map CRM with Maximizer and Bing Maps Sales Route Planning

Sales route planning solutions with Maximizer CRM connecting with Bing Maps 

One of our Maximizer CRM clients wanted to be able to plan their sales team’s routes, help their sales people make better use of their time and improve overall efficiency. They wanted a Sales Route Planning solution that could specify routes based on towns, identify which prospects and customers needed to be visited via the most efficient route and so help sales teams use their time more productively.

Our solution was Bing Maps Connector for Maximizer CRM.

Bing Maps Connector connects Maximizer CRM to Bing Maps, allowing Maximizer CRM records to be accessed and displayed on a map. You simply take the records from CRM, plot them on the map and specify a route for any particular day.  What could be simpler?

Our clients have all kinds of sales teams and we can appreciate how helpful it is for them to use CRM records to improve their

sales performance.

Bing Maps Connector can work for any sales team, especially for external teams who are out and about constantly.  It can also help internal sales teams, who might want to get a handle on certain areas where their customers are located. While postcodes clearly have their uses, some smaller places may fall outside the postcode areas.

A visual representation showing how close customers are to each other would therefore be perfect. For event planning, for example, because Bing Maps Connector allows you to see exactly where your customers and prospects are, you can assess the suitability of a potential venue based on the number of potential attendees concentrated in the area. You can then invite them to that event. 

Anyone with a need for sales route planning, or to understand where their customers and prospects are based would find Bing Maps Connector indispensable. Those most likely to benefit include marketers, managers, engineers, technical support people and customer service advisors.

Potential uses and cost-effectiveness 

Improved efficiency will, by definition, improve cost-effectiveness.  Bing Maps Connector gives sales people the

ability to create routes and therefore plan their days quickly, enabling them to maximise the number of appointments they can make.  They may also be encouraged to call in on customers they pass on their way to a particular target client. 

More efficient use of resources means your sales management effort can be focused on the most relevant audience. You can create geographic areas, perhaps based on your highest or lowest spending customers. And marketing departments can use such information in combination with financial data from the CRM to get visual clarity of where a specified group of customer or prospects is based and build the appropriate stats. 

Feedback on the solution is encouraging. Our clients love being able to look back at historical data and see where they have done well. And they like the visual representation of where their best customers are and where there is more growth potential. Some have even used the product as a way of testing different messages in smaller areas of larger territories. They tell us that, after having had no real visual representation of their customers before, they can now easily identify clusters of customers and prospects and flex their sales approach accordingly.

Our customers are able to Map CRM with their Maximizer, test the power of CRM Maps and Sales Route Planning and get a free subscription with 50 free starter tokens.  For more information  about Avrion apps and linking to Bing Maps click here, call us on 01992 472983 or or email us at