Maximizer CRM 2019 – Version Release

‘What’s New Guide’ for Maximizer CRM  2019 – review the new features.

The What’s New Guide for Maximizer CRM 2019 is now available from our Web site:  

The new release includes:

Lead Management

With Maximizer CRM 2019, you will have a new Leads module which allows you to manage your prospects, qualify leads and convert leads to opportunities.

  • Import leads using a spreadsheet or manually add leads.
  • Work with leads by making calls, sending emails, writing notes and scheduling meetings and tasks.
  • Check if leads are returning customers or not. Link the leads with existing Address Book entries to avoid creating duplicates.
  • When leads are qualified, convert them to Address Book entries and opportunities.
  • Export leads to Excel file for reporting.

Enhanced Quick Search

Changes in Searchable Fields – In previous versions, the searchable fields for Quick Search include name fields, address fields, emails and phone numbers. To make the search result closer to your expectation, changes have been made in Quick Search such that only the name fields will be searched. Address fields won’t be searched by default. To search entries by address fields, you need to use search parameters.

Search Entries by Parameters – Quick Search Parameters have been introduced in 2019 release. Through use of parameters, you can tailor your Quick Search to search by specific fields. You can also combine as many parameters as you need to further narrow your search.

Enhanced Global Edit

Global Edit now supports changing process and stage in Opportunities and changing territory in Address Book.

Other Improvements

Custom TabThe Note List widget is now available in Custom Tab. You can view a list of notes, filter the notes and add / modify / delete notes. The previous Notes Widget has been renamed to Notes Timeline widget. Contacts widget now allows you to expand all or collapsed all.

You can download the  Whats New Guide here :

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