Maximizer CRM 2019 Enhanced Features – Other Improvements

Maximizer CRM 2019 – Other Improvements

Custom Tab

The Note List widget that has been created in the Leads module is now available in Custom Tab in the Address Book module. You can view a list of notes, filter the notes and add / modify / delete notes. The previous Notes Widget has been renamed to Notes Timeline widget. 

The Contacts widget now allows ‘expand all’ or ‘collapsed all’.

Outlook Add-In – Indication for emails that have been saved to Maximizer

(New to On-Premise Customers: this feature was released to Maximizer CRM Live in April 2018)

In Outlook, now you can mark the emails that have been saved to Maximizer entries using an Outlook category. In the Preferences dialog for Maximizer Outlook add-in, a new option has been added which allows you to categorise the saved email. 

All emails are saved to Maximizer, regardless of whether they are saved manually or saved by tracking.  The category specified in the Preferences is displayed in the Outlook column view. 

Go to the App Directory to get the latest update of the Outlook add-in. Note that the latest version of Maximizer Outlook add-in doesn’t work with Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Notification Manager – Allow sending notifications by email 

(New to On-Premise Customers: this feature was released to Maximizer CRM Live in April 2018)

You can now receive notifications by emails. In the Notification Manager go to the wizard page for setting up appearance of a notification, a new option “Send an email when this notification arrives” has been added. If you turn on this option, an email will be sent to you when the notification arrives.

In the email, you can click the link to open the entry in Maximizer. 

Case notification templates 

Now you can create notification templates for cases. The templates can be created in Web Access > Administration > Template Library. You can insert merge fields for cases into the template. Plain text and HTML formats are supported for the templates.  

Once the templates are created, they will be available in the Administrator module > Customer Service > Notification tab. You can select templates for case creation, assignment, escalation and resolving. 

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