Croft Communications – a CRM Case Study

Solution: Maximizer CRM inc. Customer Service, Sales Processes and Compliance

The Challenge

As Croft Communications grew, it was clear that the business needed to invest in a CRM system to improve staff efficiency, customer satisfaction and high level customer service. Dave Ambridge says “We needed to be sure we had found the right partner to help us develop our plan and select the right CRM software solution”. The company knew it was essential that CRM was adopted universally and dealt with constant change as things developed.

The business started with three people and, as it grew, the knowledge needed to be shared so that customer care was not compromised. This meant the need for Dashboards with relevant information, data profiles and reporting was crucial. Even the Finance Department needed this data for credit control.

The Avrion Response

Avrion got to know the business, and helped navigate through the different CRM systems available, to select the right one. The next phase was to configure the chosen CRM system, Maximizer CRM, to meet the business needs and implement a solution that delivered. The Avrion team took time to ensure that any future needs were discussed and taken into account in the planning.

Avrion was able to deliver the Dashboards to enable users to get easy access to the information they needed for the best customer care. Dave Ambridge says “Avrion is very easy to deal with; they understood our needs and didn’t over-promise. If there was a problem or issue, they worked around it to find a solution.”

The Results

Maximizer CRM was very reasonably priced compared to many other CRM systems, and met Croft Communications’ expectations. The training and onboarding were excellent and personalised – it wasn’t a “canned” training course, so adoption rates were good. Avrion met the objectives in every way – customer service, support ticketing, sales processes, monitoring of deals, extensive reports, streamlined sales meetings, compliance requirements, comprehensive customer details, team communication and more.


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Croft Communications was established in 2006 to address the demand for consistent business telephony. The company has an exceptional reputation for helping businesses reduce their telecoms expenditure. It has been listed three times in the Top Five “Sunday Times Fast Track 100”. The next-generation technology has benefited the public sector, as well as the private sector, by increasing efficiency in healthcare and education providers.

“We saw really positive benefits in our business.”
Dave Ambridge - Croft Communications
Dave Ambridge
Technical Support Manager