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At Avrion, we provide solutions for all sorts of industries. We tend not to specialise in particular sectors. In fact, what’s more common in our business are the type of customers we work with. They all tend to be forward-thinking and want to leverage technology so their business can improve its efficiency and productivity. For many of our customers, their main goal is to find ways to give them a competitive edge, so there’s more commonality in the type of customers we work with, rather than the industries that we specialise in.

That said, we have customers from manufacturing to trade events, communications to catering with a lot more in between. Each of them has their own CRM, and the configuration and design is perfectly tailored to them. We have companies at different stages of their CRM journey no matter what industry they may work in.

CRM for Manufacturing

Take the Manufacturing sector as an example. We have many, varied customers in the Manufacturing sector but amongst them a handful of customers who produce Horse Feed, very successfully, around the country. Within this niche sector, Avrion has examples at each stage of a CRM journey.

Stage 1: Basic configuration, simple CRM

There are Horse Feed companies using the CRM system as a simple database. Keeping details of all their customers and contacts, making sure up-to-date information is stored there, and GDPR regulations are being upheld. That’s the beginning and end of it. Simple CRM for simple use – with the capacity to evolve when the time is right.

Stage 2: Extended configuration, incorporating triggers and alerts

Following on from Stage 1 of the CRM journey, companies take their CRM to the next level. For example, Dengie enhanced their use of CRM by setting triggers for certain events in the customer journey, to streamline and automate their business processes. By doing this, they have created time savings, increased productivity and some cost savings. Avrion worked through the development with them, having examined their work processes and seen the gains some customisation could bring.

Stage 3: Bespoke and customised CRM

The next level comes when you take your CRM software and tailor it specifically to the company’s unique needs. One Horse Feed manufacturer has, with Avrion’s help, built bespoke activity windows, reports and processes, as well as created custom integration with Bing Maps, a mapping tool. Furthermore, their highly customised customer service area has automated email triggers that alert customers, colleagues and suppliers to key events in the sales cycle, creating a seamless process whilst removing failures in the cycle.

CRM for any industry, at any stage of the CRM journey

Whether you’re using CRM for Manufacturing or any other industry, every stage of your CRM development brings new wins to the business and streamlines processes. At Avrion, we have expertise in many industry sectors along with companies at different stages of their evolution – we can help whatever point you are at. The main goal is to find ways to win in what you do. Contact us so we can start getting to know you, understand your business and be your technology partner.

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