Maximizer CRM 2019 Version Release – Working with Leads – Main Components, Details, Linking, Change Status


To work and qualify a lead, you will need to open the lead details screen. In this screen, you will see all the information about the lead, be able to link the lead with an existing Address Book entry, make a call, send an email, schedule activities and enter notes and documents into the lead.


The lead details screen includes five main components:

•     Lead details – Display the data about the lead.

•     Status bar – Allows you to change status while you are working through

        the process.

•     Notes widget – Display notes created for the lead.

•     Activities widget – Create appointments and tasks for the lead.

•     Documents widget – Insert documents into the lead. 


Detailed information about the lead is displayed on top of the screen. Phone numbers and email addresses are always visible so you can quickly make a call or send an email. Press the More button to see all the fields.

You can go to previous or next entry in the list by pressing the up / down arrow.

Pressing a phone number will open the Make a Call dialog. You can create a follow-up task and log a phone note after you finish the call.

Pressing an email address will open the compose email dialog for you to send an email to the lead. In this release, merge fields and email templates are not supported. The email will be saved to Notes widget and Documents widget.


When working with a lead, you will need to know if the lead is a returning customer or not. If the lead is a returning customer, you can link it with the Address Book entry, giving the following benefits:

•     The link to the Address Book entry is displayed in lead details screen. This allows you to view details about the entry.

•     During lead conversion, no duplicate entry will be created.

You can link a lead with a contact or with a company. For example, the company is already a customer but the lead is a new person working in the company. In this case you should link the lead with the company record. During lead conversion, a new contact will be created for the company.

To find the existing Address Book entries, press the LINK button to open the search dialog for Address Book entries. The dialog will automatically perform an Address Book entry search by matching email or company name or first name and last name. If there are Address Book entries found, they will be displayed when the search dialog opens. If you don’t see any entry or the automatic search returns too many entries, you can perform a  manual search.

Once you find the existing customer and link it with the lead, the name of the Address Book entry will be displayed in the details screen. Clicking the link will show the entry in the Address Book module. 


The lead status is displayed in the status bar which allows you to change the status easily. Simply select a status and press SET STATUS button to apply the change. You can go forward or move backward. You can also change the status in the Edit Lead screen.

Note: if you change the status from Unqualified to New, Working or Nurturing, you cannot set the status back to Unqualified again. You cannot set the status to Converted or Archived using the bar or in Edit Lead dialog. You will need to click the CONVERT or ARCHIVE button to change to the status.

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