Rapid Solutions

When creating solutions, our aim is to involve our customers, to ultimately build a technology platform perfectly matched to their business needs.

  • We explore and evaluate requirements through workshops to properly define what is important to the solution.
  • We build visual representations of the system so that our customers can easily assess and experience how the solution will work. We ultimately deliver a working prototype through iterations, empowering our customers to be involved throughout the entire design and build process.

We deliver our solutions faster and more cost effectively, whilst ensuring our customers benefit from our collective community.

  • We use our practical knowledge developed through many years, gained from working with our customers, across multiple industries with wide-ranging applications.
  • Using our extensive portfolio of work already delivered and proven, we recycle software, customisations, enhancements, integrations and middleware applications with our customers. This means our customers invest less and get more value, with shortened delivery timescales.

Our solutions are built with flexibility in mind, keeping ongoing costs lower such as maintenance, upgrades and continuous enhancements.

  • We don’t over configure software applications, ensuring they can be more easily managed.
  • We build software enhancements and integrations in ways that ensure they can be adapted with minimal impact to the overall solution. Our middleware applications work independently, using light integration touchpoint technology, ensuring unrivalled flexibility for the future.
  • System enhancements are delivered in distinct phases. This brings clear focus when collaborating with our customers on system improvements.