What We Do : Applications Platform

Applications Platform provides a fully hosted environment to quickly and easily build database applications, develop application extensions, create web portals or deploy ready-made library applications.

Codeless Platforms

Codeless Platforms’ Applications Platform is a flexible, easy-to-use rapid application development (RAD) platform that enables you to build, manage and deploy ‘100% fit’ cloud-based applications and web portals that can extend the capabilities of your existing systems, to deliver significant ROI and future-proof your organisation.

Using a combination of wizards and drag-and-drop technology, you can create mobile-ready applications with minimal coding that are easily integrated with your existing systems. Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made applications and web portals that can add extra functionality to your business.

Application Extensions

Transform what you already have into something amazing. The Application Extensions capability allows organisations to seamlessly extend existing business systems. Extensions can be both small or large and be built to your exact industry, company, department or team requirements. Extend your existing application(s) with an extension that is served up in the cloud and fully integrated through our BPA platform.

Common extensions to applications could include:

  • Asset management extension.
  • Appointment booking extension.
  • Compliance extension.
  • Purchase order management extension.
  • Quoting extension.
  • Returns management extension.
  • Work job extension.
  • Product management extension.
  • Debt management extension.
For example, if you are looking for a powerful, yet easy-to-use business management system to achieve complete visibility into opportunities, quotes, pricing and sales orders, then Firefly Suite is for you.

Ground Up Applications

Applications Platform provides a cloud environment to build your custom business requirements, equipping you with a platform to radically reduce development time and resources, simplify delivery and deployment, and accelerate time-to-market.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) removes the pressure on organisations to work around off-the-shelf applications and safeguards against changes to business strategy and trading environments. More importantly, PaaS gives organisations the ability to scale or reduce application use to meet current needs and budgets.

Common types of applications that can be built include:

  • CRM applications.
  • Service management apps.
  • HR solutions.
  • Time management apps.
  • Customer or supplier portals.
  • Channel management/franchise apps.
  • Expense management solutions.
  • Data processing screens
  • Approval and compliance systems.
  • Document management applications.
  • Forums/collaboration environments.

Web Portals

Web portals can transform the way employees, customers and suppliers interact with your organisation. Web portal development is a point and click exercise and easy to create by technical and non-technical users. It all begins by clicking the New Portal button within Applications Platform’s easy-to-use wizard.

Some examples of portals that can be created include:

  • Supplier or trading partner portal.
  • Communications portal.
  • Product returns portal.
  • HR portal.
  • Purchase order processing portal.
  • Customer service portal.

Library Applications

There are several ready-to-use applications built upon Applications Platform that can be used immediately or as a starting point to customise your own business application.


PIMventory is a cloud-based product information management system that enables you to take full control over your product information and electronic catalogues, as well as market and sell through all distribution channels.

Enrich the management of product information within a centralised cloud-based PIM system at any time, any place, on any device. Provide your team with the tools to take full control over your product information, electronic product catalogues and improve workflow processes.

Featured PIMventory modules include:

  • Products: Quickly and easily access and search your entire product catalogue.
  • Digital Asset Management: Manage your electronic catalogues including: Product data (manufacturer, SKUs, names, titles, descriptions); Technical specifications; Pricing and discounts; Images and videos; Documents; Marketing (keywords, personas, SEO etc.)
  • Channel Management: Take full control over sales channels and map quality data to multichannel whether 3PL, Amazon, eBay or bespoke online web shops.
  • Supplier Management: Manage company and contact details, products supplied, previous orders, onboard new suppliers as well as enable suppliers to update pricing.
  • Dashboard: Quickly and easily get a graphical overview of your products including Total Stock Quantity, Out of Stock, Product Returns, Top Products, This Month’s Promotions.


Firefly Suite provides you with a secure business management system to quickly and easily manage critical business information such as opportunities, quotes, orders and sales at any time, on any device, regardless of location.

Firefly Suite provides you with the flexibility and functionality you need to run your business cost-effectively and efficiently. Not only does it provide you with a complete overview of essential business information to carry out the most essential activities, but it’s also flexible enough to allow you to customise and add functionality to suit your exact business requirements.

Standard features of Firefly Suite include:

  • Accounts and Contact Management: Contact details, account details, address classification, customer discount percentage, accounting details, leads and campaigns.
  • Activities and History Management: History of customer interactions, calendar view, create follow-up events and tasks, meeting reminders etc.
  • Opportunities: Initial enquiry, contact details, total potential / probability of sale, source of lead etc.
  • Quotations: Create sales quotes, manage price lists and tax codes, quote lines, multiple product lines, discount levels etc.
  • Sales Orders: Create sales order including product details, price lists and tax codes, order numbers, job numbers etc.
  • Invoicing: Easily integrate Firefly Suite with your accounting / ERP system e.g. Xero, Sage, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics etc.
  • Job Management: Monitor and search the production process for each order.
  • Stock Management: Add and manage your entire product catalogue, stock taking, stock receipts etc.
  • Pricing: Manage list-based pricing, customer discount levels, tiered pricing etc.
  • Reporting: Create reports e.g. conversion rates, repeat business per month, unconverted quotes etc.
  • Email and PDF Generation: Automatically generate PDFs for sending or printing, send HTML email.
  • Integration: Easily integrate Firefly Suite with your other business systems via BPA Platform e.g. eCommerce solution, accounting / ERP, CRM etc.

Partnership with Codeless Platforms

Partner focus: Discover how our partnership with Codeless Platforms has enabled us to deliver digital transformation projects and new efficiencies for our customers, as well as generate new business that they may not have otherwise secured.