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    • Maximizer CRM

      Maximizer CRM new features include increased productivity, a great New User Interface, many new features in the Opportunity module, a completely new Calendar/Appointment module, enhanced import and Global Edit functions, expanded API platform, tiered pricing, the Maximizer Apps Directory ….. and much more.

  • Maximizer CRM includes user productivity and experience improvements, expanded integration capabilities and a tiered pricing model. Maximizer CRM helps you manage the entire lifecycle of client acquisition, engagement, retention and expansion. All this, along with core Sales, Marketing and Service modules, flexible deployment options, ease of configuration and multi-level security add up to a great user experience.

    • Maximizer CRM Video Shorts

      • Maximizer CRM 2017 – New Interface
      • Maximizer CRM 2018 – New Features
      • Maximizer CRM 2017 – New Interface
      • Maximizer CRM 2017 – New Interface
      • Maximizer CRM 2017 – Opportunities
      • Maximizer CRM 2017 – Opportunity Management
      • Maximizer CRM 2017 – Calendar
      • Maximizer CRM 2017 – Calendar/Diary Management

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  • Maximizer whats new guide 2019

  • Download the Maximizer CRM 2019 What’s New Guide 

    Designed to empower users to cut through the noise and focus on what matters most, their customers, this release brings advanced lead management, custom view and mobile CRM capabilities to its All-In-One CRM platform, enabling companies of all sizes to truly embrace Customer Success.

  • Maximizer 2018 Feature Review Guide

  • Download the Maximizer CRM 2018 Feature Review Guide 

    Maximizer CRM 2018 features an enhanced import tool to move contact data stored in spreadsheets & other systems into Maximizer, creating a centralised view that customer-facing teams can use to deliver personalisation across every customer interaction.  Users can quickly and easily upload files, specify import rules, and map fields between spreadsheets and Maximizer.

Download Maximizer 2017 Information Sheets

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