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what is digital transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

We keep hearing the phrase “Digital Transformation” but what does it actually mean? Wikipedia puts it quite simply: “Digital Transformation or Digitalisation is the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology.” None the wiser? Let’s

Business Automation

How can Business Automation digitise your business?

Business automation is a form of digitisation. This can be moving data between your systems automatically in a time sensitive way. It can also be automating how you send information between you and your customers, or perhaps controlling and validating data being entered into your systems in a workflow orientated fashion. In summary, business automation

what is a web portal

What is a Web Portal and how can it help digitise your business?

A web portal is typically a way to share your business information with people outside of your organisation. For a customer, this might be the ability to view their invoices, past orders and quotes that you have created, as well as membership or subscription information, enabling them to get this information on a self-serve basis.

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