Connecting Mailchimp to Maximizer

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  • Type: Product Hints and Tips

    Product: Maximizer CRM 2017

    Benefit: Add-On Apps

  • Date: 10th May 2017

    Area: Email broadcast, Mailchimp

    Series: Series 2, Issue 1 (of 4)

Connecting Mailchimp to Maximizer.


  • Maximizer to Mailchimp connector setup link
  • API Key
  • Synchronising lists
  • Client preference rules
  • Frequency
  • Conflict resolution

Click below to view the video tutorial.


Once the Mailchimp connector has been installed, the Mailchimp tab will automatically be made available to you on the Address record, click on it and you will notice that you will need to enter an API key to work the magic. Before we can do that we first have to go to the user defined field tab. Within here you will find a Mailchimp folder which that holds the settings to synch this contact between Mailchimp and Maximizer. At the old is ‘synch with Mailchimp’. We are going to change it to yes.
Back in the Mailchimp tab, you will have to click the Maximizer Mailchimp connector setup link to access the synchronisation options, this is where we will have to enter that API key provided by Mailchimp. So first we are going to have to go find it, so we are going to have to go over to Mailchimp and once you are there, click on your user name select the account, then select extras, and then finally API keys. Down the page, you are going to see a text box with a bunch of mumbo jumbo in it and this is your key. Copy it by selecting the whole thing and then using CTL C. Then come back to Maximizer and paste that key into the Mailchimp connection dialog and once that done, hit the connect button.
Once connected you are going to notice that you can see the total number of subscriber list and campaign found within your Mailchimp account. So, from here, you are going to have to go to the configuration tab to set up the synchronisation schedule, once there, click on the ‘Select the synch list’ button to be presented with a selection of your Mailchimp subscriber list, select a list you wish to synchronise with, only pick one and then click ok, additionally, click the yes to confirm that you wish to continue with the whole synchronisation process.
Now that it’s done doing its handshake between Mailchimp and Maximizer you are going to have to map the fields between them, so click on the map field list to access the mapping configuration tool and at this point I should mention that you can only map fields together of the same type, for example, a drop-down list in Mailchimp can only be paired with a single value user defined field in Maximizer. Now you don’t have to map every single field that’s listed here, you only have to pick the fields you want synched between the two sides. Let’s just say that we map the email profile field from within Mailchimp to the email opt in type field in Maximizer. This allows us to create a flag in Mailchimp that will hold the rules of my clients set from within Maximizer, that way, if I do a campaign thru Mailchimp I know that my clients preferences are being followed. When we are all done with the mapping configuration, click the ok button and return to the previous screen and one last thing to do before we are all done, and I’m going to get you to click the edit synch listings link to set up the synchronisation frequency. On this screen, we have it defaulted to one hour and also we have the conflict resolution which determines which side will override the other if they exist on both side and haven’t been previously linked by a prior synchronisation.
When everything looks good, click the OK button to return to the configuration tab and then once we are there you are going to see that the frequency and the conflict resolution settings are displayed. Now you are ready to synch. Proceed to click the synch entire list button to start the whole process and this will not start right away but rather at the frequency that we set up so in our example we have that set up to be an hour. So, when this is all done hit the close button and we will come back in and hour and just see how it all looks.