Maximizer CRM 2019 Version Release – Search for Leads, Editing, Owner

Search for Leads, Editing entries, Owner

Search for Leads

The Quick Search field supports searching for leads. Make sure you select Leads as the search type. Just like searching for Address Book entry, you will see suggestions while you are typing the search text. Selecting a suggestion or pressing the search button will perform a search for leads.

Editing entries from the Leads screen

To edit a lead in Leads screen, select an entry and press the EDIT button. If you want to change multiple leads at the same time, select the entries you would like to change and press the EDIT button. In this scenario, the Global Edit dialog will open. This allows you to update multiple entries quickly. For example, you can change the status of multiple leads from New to Working.

Owner of a lead

Everyone who has the right to edit leads can make changes in any lead. However, the Owner field is protected. Only the user who has been assigned as the owner of a lead or a sales manager can reassign a lead to another user. If a lead has no owner assigned, everyone can access it.

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