Maximizer CRM 2019 Version Release – View and Edit Leads, Refresh List and Export Leads

View and Edit Leads

View entries in the Leads screen:

The Leads module features a new interface design which doesn’t have the following tabs. By default, the leads are sorted by creation date. You can change the sort order by clicking the header of a column. In this release, the column view cannot be changed.

Use the Owner drop-down to change the views. The following options are available:

• My leads – The leads where you have been assigned as the owner.

• All leads – All leads regardless of whether they have an owner assigned or not. This allows the manager to monitor the leads that the whole team is working on.

• Unassigned leads – These leads haven’t been assigned to any user. This allows managers to find out which leads need to be assigned to sales reps.

 • You can also select a user to view the leads assigned to that user. Press the button to show or hide the filter fields. Select All Active status to retrieve leads that are in New, Working and Nurturing status.

Refresh List and Export Leads 

The list in the Leads module does not refresh if you switch to another module and come back again. If you want to check the updated data (e.g. other user changes a lead that is displayed in your screen), press the REFRESH button 


• If you edit a lead, the updated information will be displayed in the list right away. You don’t need to refresh the list.

• If you change the filter and press the APPLY button, the list will be refreshed.

You can export the leads to an Excel file and create a report. Press EXPORT button to export the leads displayed on the screen.

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