Maximizer CRM Leads Module – Adding Leads

Adding leads into the Maximizer CRM 2019 Leads Module

Importing leads into Maximizer

There are two ways for you to add leads to Maximizer. You can import leads using a spreadsheet mass import tool or create leads manually.

Import leads

In the Import Manager, the record types now includes leads. Navigate to Import Manager > Source screen and select the “Contains Lead information only” option for importing leads. 

In the Mapping screen, you will need to map the fields in the spreadsheet with the lead fields and select at least one field for duplicate checking.

In this release (Maximizer CRM 2019), Favourite Lists are not supported for leads. You cannot create a Favourite List to retrieve the leads after they are imported. 

Adding leads manually

You can manually add leads into the Leads module by pressing the “new” button. When creating a new lead, please note the last name is a mandatory field.

Owner field

The users who have the right to view the Leads module will be available in the drop-down list.

Status, Source, and Industry fields

The items in these fields cannot be modified in this release. They will be customisable in future releases.

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