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Using Task & Appointment Alarm Notifications

No-one wants to miss a meeting or forget to do an important task. Using task and appointment alarm notifications, therefore, is a great way to ensure you stay on top of your agenda. But what do we mean by Notifications in Maximizer CRM? Types of Notifications When using the Hotlist and Calendar features, you can:

Maximizer CRM 2020 Mobile App Enhancements

Maximizer CRM 2020 Release 1: Improvements to the Import Manager

Last week, we kick-started our 5-part blog series about what’s new in Maximizer CRM 2020 Release 1 with a list of enhancements that we’re most excited about: An overhaul of the Leads Module Improvements to the Import Manager The ability to manage Default Entries centrally Other Enhancements in the Web Client A great addition of

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