Prestige – CRM for manufacturers

Solution: Maximizer CRM (inc. customisation), Mailchimp and Automations

The Challenge

Craig Sansom, Prestige’s Customer Relations Manager, began by saying, “We were looking to consolidate our customers into one central location to understand our marketplace better, focus on their needs and wants, which would be accessible to the whole sales team. To turn data into high value information by tracking the opportunities the business attracts and managing prospects’ expectations to convert more opportunities into wins.”

Avrion’s Response

“After benchmarking all other solutions, the package Avrion put together with Maximizer CRM made the most commercial sense in terms of both costs and the bespoke automation work we needed, in order to produce the functions we set out to achieve.”

Working Together

“Like with all things new and uncharted, it was important that Avrion made it easy for us to progress through the stages of integration with clear communication and analysis of our needs and wants. Throughout the project, Avrion interacted well and at regular intervals, as a professional, interactive technology partner should,” Craig continued.

“We set aside time throughout, walking through the process and not running too soon, to ensure complete adoption by our sales team. David Asher and the Avrion team were always there when we needed support. Avrion was always ready to adjust to changes, react to the different outcomes and change direction if it was needed.”

Craig says Avrion was “Pragmatic and diligent, listening to what we needed or wanted, pointing out any speed bumps and providing solutions past our initial understandings when it came to process and automation.”

The Results

Ultimately, the solution delivered improvements to the business.

“We can now see in real time how all of our opportunities are progressing. We also have automated reports in our Dashboard module showing the business sales performance and pipeline, which allows us to focus on each individual opportunity without any being left unnurtured. Avrion has now linked our CRM with Mailchimp to allow for focused marketing campaigns based on the data we add to the Address Book. We now have a clear sales process that can be tracked with clear ‘what’s next’ actions to implement.”


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Prestige is the UK’s leading holiday lodge and residential park home manufacturer, having built an admirable reputation for intelligent design, second-to-none craftsmanship and ground-breaking creativity. With decades of industry experience and a team dedicated to providing the best for every customer and park operator, Prestige produces beautiful, bespoke park and leisure homes with quality as standard.

“After a feasibility study designed to ascertain which CRM to integrate into our business, I found that Avrion put together the best end scenario and product, Maximizer, to take our business forward. The team at Avrion showed their diligence and knowledge, which was a clear deciding factor in instigating our partnership. We look forward to strengthening our relationship going forward, as CRM evolution never stops!”
Craig Sansom
Customer Relations Manager