Maximizer CRM

The best kept secret in CRM

Maximizer CRM has been a leader in CRM software for over 25 years. The perfect CRM solution for small to mid-sized businesses, with powerful features for managing your sales, marketing and customer service functions, and with Avrion’s range of connectors, you can take Maximizer to the next level by integrating it into your other business systems.

Why Maximizer?

Maximizer CRM is used worldwide by over 30,000 companies across most industry sectors. Its strengths are associated with the features that support:

  • customer acquisition (lead nurturing and prospecting)
  • sales generation (opportunity and sales pipeline management)
  • customer retention (relationship management and customer services features)

It can be purchased as a cloud subscription service or implemented on your own network / hosted cloud services.

Maximizer has extremely low deployment costs, especially when combined with our Quick Start implementation packages. It also has an industry-leading low total cost of ownership so is often better value than other customer relationship management software on the market in the long run.

  • Simple to configure
  • Straightforward to integrate and customise
  • Data hosted in the UK
  • Library of integrations
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low running costs
  • Departmental personalisation
  • Flexible deployment
"We can now see in real time how all of our opportunities are progressing. We also have automated reports in our Dashboard module showing the business sales performance and pipeline, which allows us to focus on each individual opportunity without any being left unnurtured. Avrion has now linked our Maximizer with Mailchimp to allow for focused marketing campaigns based on the data we add to the Address Book. We now have a clear sales process that can be tracked with clear ‘what’s next’ actions to implement."
Craig Sansom
Customer Relations Manager at Prestige

Why Avrion? 

Maximizer Elite Partner - Sales Leader Edition

Avrion is a team of experienced technology professionals who want to help our customers achieve the best results with their existing systems.

Our goal is to help streamline and automate your business and, by improving your efficiency and productivity, make you competitive.

  • #1 Elite Partner – Worldwide
  • Most knowledgeable about Maximizer – Europe
  • Solutions delivered faster (at less cost)
  • Best support team – Europe
  • Direct influence into product roadmap and development
  • Library of solution frameworks and Avrion Apps
  • Our customers get more for less cost, always

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