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Maximizer CRM has been a leader in CRM software for over 25 years. The perfect CRM solution for small to mid-sized businesses, with powerful features for managing your sales, marketing and customer service functions, and with Avrion’s range of connectors, you can take Maximizer to the next level by integrating it into your other business systems.

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Why Maximizer?

Maximizer CRM is an excellent mid-market CRM software platform. It is used worldwide by more than 30,000 companies across most industry sectors. Its strengths are associated with the features that support:

  • customer acquisition (lead nurturing and prospecting)
  • sales generation (opportunity and sales pipeline management)
  • customer retention (relationship management and customer services features)


It can be purchased as a cloud subscription service or implemented on your own network / hosted cloud services.

Simple to configure

Straightforward to integrate

Data hosted in UK

Library of integrations

Easy to maintain

Low running costs

Departmental personalisation

Flexible deployment

Why Avrion?

Avrion is a team of experienced technology professionals who want to help our customers achieve the best results with their existing systems.

Our goal is to help streamline and automate your business and, by improving your efficiency and productivity, make you competitive.

#1 Elite Partner in EMEA

Best support team

Solutions delivered faster

Direct influence into product

Most knowledgeable about Maximizer

Library of solution frameworks

Most cost effective

Passionate about technology

"We chose Avrion as the provider for our Maximizer implementation and were extremely impressed. They took the time to understand our needs and requirements and delivered a customised package and have continued to support us regularly throughout. We would highly recommend Avrion for their professionalism and going the extra mile with added value too."
Chris Howard
Commercial Manager at BearingNet

Pricing & Plans

Maximizer has extremely low deployment costs, especially when combined with our Quick Start implementation packages. It also has industry-leading low total cost of ownership so is often better value than other customer relationship management software on the market in the long run.

Business Plus

£39 Per Person Per Month

Avrion has the best value implementation packages to get you up and running within 6 weeks:

Click the image to download our Maximizer Implementation Packages brochure.

Watch the short video for more information:

Evolving and Maintaining

Our support is all about your system – how it’s performing, login and user issues, dashboards, leads, data imports, User Defined Fields (UDFs), upgrades, admin and all that day-to-day stuff.

Next is your system’s evolution, how it can work to improve your company’s performance, address those pain points or bottlenecks and expand the ways that Maximizer can help you.

Finally, as your Technology Partner, we can look at taking you forward beyond CRM with some clever innovation – it does not have to mean lots of money and time – but it will guarantee to save you lots of money and time.

As your business grows, Avrion is here to support you with our all-inclusive support.

Click the image to download our Support Packages brochure.

Connectors & Integrations

The following Connectors and Integrations are available for Maximizer.

Coming Soon

We are always working on more connectors so if you don’t see one that you need, please Contact Us and we can talk about creating one.

Custom Connectors

We create many ‘connectors’, enabling our customers to join up information easily between CRM and their other operational software systems.

We use our extensive portfolio of connector frameworks, customisations and middleware applications to build connectors, which means customers invest less and get more value, with shortened delivery timescales.

For example, we have built financial connectors that work in the same way as our Sage Financials Data Connector but with alternative financial software packages.

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