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Hosting is when you implement software via the web, and there are several ways of doing this; SaaS, Private Hosted Server, On Premise Server.

We offer hosting and data management services through our own comprehensive hosting environments and the Microsoft Azure platform. This means we have dedicated Virtual Private Servers, so you don’t share with another organisation, ensuring total and complete control of your business applications.

The servers are built with the latest, industry-leading technology located within UK-based Tier III or Tier IV datacentres, which offer resilient power, redundant connectivity and high security. The equipment is stored securely, ensuring 24/7 access to authorised engineers to effectively maintain and support the equipment.

Private Hosting

Avrion also provides Private Cloud Hosting Services.

Leverage all the benefits of Cloud and SaaS within a secure hosted environment exclusively for your business. We deliver world-class hosting solutions to our clients, based in state-of-the-art UK datacentres, meeting ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001 and other stringent technical and security standards. Our service offering is extensive, going far beyond the hosting of just your CRM solution.

Benefits of Private Hosting include:

  • The best of both worlds – a cloud experience with full flexibility and access to your data.
  • Your IT employees can securely access the server any time, from anywhere.
  • Allows for custom integrations or developments, which may not be possible with SaaS.
  • Know where your data is kept – our data centres are all UK-based.
  • Change your specification as needed e.g. more hard drive space, move other operational software on to the server etc. 
  • Easy to evolve as your business develops.

If you plan to integrate your CRM solution with your other systems, then renting hosted servers from us will deliver the flexibility and control you need.

Fundamentally, it’s important for us to understand your business so that we can help you select the right server type and size. This long-term partnership will ensure that your business can evolve and grow in the right environment for you.

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