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A robust CRM for complex processes to streamline the business

Solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Power Automate

The Challenge

Before implementing Dynamics 365 for their property business, the extremely busy acquisition team within the hugely successful Belvoir Group had a complicated franchise onboarding process making it difficult to streamline and share information efficiently day to day. The team has crossovers with other parts of the company, and it was essential for everyone to have access to information in one place without time wasted communicating with other staff members, whether by phone or email. With information on various Excel spreadsheets, or in individuals’ inboxes, it was vital to have a place where everyone could access the data to maximise time management.

Charlotte and her team began the process of finding a solution by looking at “out of the box” CRM systems, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and even Salesforce, but discovered they would have to make their processes fit around the system rather than have a system that fitted around their processes. These out-of-the-box systems were not easily modified to work with the business as they required.

Tom Crowther, Head of Information Technology, was keen to investigate Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a solution to seamlessly work with other Microsoft software already in the business. So, Belvoir contacted Microsoft and was given a partner to call. Unfortunately, the recommended partner was not at all proactive. Having discovered that Avrion, their current CRM provider, was now a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, Tom got back in touch as he has always enjoyed a good relationship with Avrion.

The Avrion Response – Dynamics 365 tailored for property

Charlotte was new to the Avrion relationship and although she had worked with CRM for many years, she had not been part of the implementations – she describes it as a “learning curve”.

Charlotte and the acquisition team had a good template of how the processes should work and the Avrion team very quickly understood the mechanics of it, and what Belvoir wanted to achieve. Avrion’s sound knowledge of the business and understanding of the processes made the solution relatively simple and quick to achieve.

Working Together

Avrion’s skill is to understand extensively how a business runs and what can be done to make the best automation and streamlining modifications for a company – in this case one they were already familiar with.

Charlotte says “Working with Avrion has been easy – not just because they understand the business, but because they are open to helping make things work. The answer is almost never “no” – but if it is – there is always an alternative solution to get around the issue put forward.”

The Results

Belvoir Group are thrilled with what their new Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution has achieved:

  • Decommission of the various Excel spreadsheets in the acquisitions team.
  • Removal of the reliance on email inboxes – unanticipated additional benefit of Sales Co-Pilot.
  • Straightforward ability to make tweaks and changes, once tested, in the live system.
  • Automation of stages, e.g. sending out NDAs to potential franchisees – they continue to be processed over weekends so that by the time the team comes in on a Monday, the signed NDA is waiting for them.
  • Quantifiable time and cost savings for users.
  • Increased efficiency for the potential franchisees with automated processes.
  • Working on one system for everyone.


The Future

Looking ahead, Charlotte can see the system being extended to the Franchise Support Team and the IT support team – bringing more streamlined processes and enhancements, which will improve the working lives of the other teams, whilst creating cost savings in the business.

Contact us for more information about how a Dynamics 365 solution tailored for property can improve your sales & onboarding processes, streamline customer account management, or for general information about CRM for property and IT industries:

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Established in 1995. Historically a lettings franchise, Belvoir now operates a nationwide property franchise group with 364 offices operating across four brands specialising in residential lettings, property management, residential sales and property-related financial services.
"Working with Avrion has been easy – not just because they understand the business, but because they are open to helping make things work. The answer is almost never “no” – but if it is – there is always an alternative solution to get around the issue put forward."
Charlotte Hurrell - Belvoir Group
Charlotte Hurrell
Group Services Manager

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