Integrated Software

Operational efficiency tailored to your business

Integrated software solutions involve bespoke software that can connect CRM, back office, or in fact any systems. Put simply, it is something that sits in the middle of all your systems and connects them (people also refer to it as middleware).

If your current systems can’t automate part of your business process, Avrion can create an integrated software solution that can:

  • take data from different systems, amalgamate it and update the data sources.
  • streamline the process between CRM and customer data in financial or operational systems.
  • be specific about how it collects the data, how to present it (i.e. data transformation) and how it is passed back into any back-office system.
  • make data entry simpler and quicker, while knowing that the right information is being passed/created in the supporting systems.
  • reduce the software licence cost required for CRM, finance and/or operational systems; users can just log into the integrated software application.


Integrated Software (Middleware) Infographic

Our integrated software solutions include:

  • Custom connectors to join up our customers’ systems
  • Data warehouses pulling together all business information into a single data source
  • Integrated software applications developed to our customers’ exact needs built in a feature-rich and workflow orientated way seamlessly connected with other business systems
  • Dynamic web portals presenting information from multiple systems via a secure, browser-based interface (UI).


If you strive for maximum data integrity with minimal effort or wish for a single interface instead of a myriad of different systems, we’ve got Ten Benefits of Integrated Software to whet your appetite.

"Our project involved coupling existing platforms with new CRM technologies, training and a complex project roll-out. Avrion managed the transition without fuss or any ‘catch-you’ extra fees – a job well done.“
David English - Restore plc
David English
Commercial Director - Restore plc

Why Avrion? 

We are a team of experienced technology professionals who help our customers digitally transform their businesses using CRM, automation and other connected technologies.

As a Technology Partner, we bring 20+ years of knowledge into the solutions we build for our customers. We have implemented in excess of 300 successful solutions of varying sizes, from small to large, with a diverse range of functional and application requirements. Our customers are diverse too, in size and across most industries.

We specialise in helping our customers streamline and automate their business processes. This brings high efficiency and productivity, helping our customers gain a competitive advantage to thrive and succeed.

  • We love building applications and connectors
  • In-house turnkey capability; design, visualise, build, deploy, and evolve
  • Rapid deployment methodology using framework technologies and an extensive library of solution components
  • Comprehensive system care and evolution program

Want to know more?

We'd love to help you explore Digital Transformation - on your terms



Want to know more?

We'd love to help you explore Digital Transformation -
on your terms

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