You may have heard of Survey Mechanics, but did you know that the Survey Mechanics Pro Connector – a pre-built connector to Maximizer CRM for the friendliest and most easy-to-use survey platform – is now available?

The Survey Mechanics innovative platform enables you to build professional-looking surveys, quickly and easily. Your survey results can be analysed just as quickly, with the inbuilt unique analysis tool providing you with valuable insight in minutes.

Survey Mechanics and Maximizer CRM integrate quickly and efficiently, meaning you can launch surveys and view their results from within Maximizer! That’s the magic of the Survey Mechanics Pro Connector for Maximizer CRM – developed by the Avrion team!

The Pro Connector includes the following features:

  • Deploy a survey from Maximizer
  • Auto-populate Maximizer UDFs with user-defined survey responses
  • Auto-populate Maximizer Customer Service Cases with user-defined survey responses
  • Pop up window of survey results within Maximizer
  • Upload historic data sets
  • Use Survey Mechanics or Maximizer for data analytics
  • Full access to all Survey Mechanics features
  • Unlimited surveys and responses
  • Deploy a survey or multiple surveys from Maximizer
  • Deploy surveys from Customer Service Cases or Opportunities
  • Pop up window of survey results and activity roll-up data within Maximizer
  • Schedule survey deployment
  • Set up user-defined auto reminders for respondents who have not completed their survey
  • Restriction/security for survey deployment user permissions
  • Automated issue of course certificates or legal documents requiring a manual signature
  • Automatic creation of a Maximizer record for a respondent not already set up in Maximizer.


An added bonus of the Survey Mechanics Pro Connector is that the CRM integration not only gives you the power of one of the best survey tools available, but it also helps to solve other business issues.

Survey Mechanics Pro Connector is more than just a survey tool

Combining a powerful survey platform with your CRM means that many of your processes, which may currently be conducted manually and slowly, can be automated. Here are a few examples:

  • Mobile workforce data collection/reporting (to include pre & post customer feedback)
  • Any kind of application or registration form – where automatically populating could revolutionise how you work
  • Automating any registration process including those which may require document uploads
  • Data cleansing – checking and updating your entire contact database automatically
  • Automated training (and training feedback) – including auto issue of certification
  • Creating a ticket system for customer complaints/customer service
  • Email marketing – creating new records and leads lists automatically
  • Eliminate data collection via spreadsheets
  • Auto-populate new account forms
  • Eliminate manual survey reminders
  • Automated customer service – NPS & KPI data included.


Check out this short video below to learn more about the Survey Mechanics Pro Connector for Maximizer CRM:

Further information

The possibilities of automating manual data processing or streamlining data flows are extensive. Contact us to discuss how you work with data moving in or out of your organisation, and we will work with you on making real change with the Survey Mechanics Pro Connector for Maximizer CRM.

Want a survey tool but don’t have Maximizer as your CRM? No problem! You can use Survey Mechanics on its own – find more information about Survey Mechanics on our Survey Mechanics page. Or alternatively, we can discuss writing a connector for your CRM.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us on one of the following: