Business Intelligence

Gain deeper insights about your business

More and more people are deciding to analyse data with Business Intelligence, and there’s a good reason for it. Embrace Business Intelligence to ensure you are making the right business decisions.

Business Intelligence will help you increase your business profitability through:

  • Improved performance
  • Discovering new revenue streams
  • Optimising internal processes
  • Identifying market trends
  • Isolating business problems


What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence, commonly known as BI, is software that is designed to present your data in ways that help you understand and gain deeper insights about your business. This typically consists of bringing data from your numerous software systems – such as accounting, ERP, projects and CRM together – and consolidating everything into dashboard-style reports.

Use filters and other methods to dynamically change the content and format of the information you’re viewing. This means you can ask questions of your business on the fly. Designed correctly, Business Intelligence can help you drive your organisation forward. It can do this because it unlocks the value of your data contained within all your systems giving you the tools to evolve.

You can use Business Intelligence to understand activity levels and other proactive outputs across the business or to view business information across time (year on year, month on month) to spot trends. Many companies use BI to consolidate business information from many software applications.

Almost every project we do involves data work – de-duplication, consolidation, imports and so on – making us data experts. There is nothing our technical team can’t do with data.

We help our customers collect and transform their data from multiple sources to uncover trends and inconsistencies. Next, we work with a Business Intelligence platform, such as Power BI, to present findings via data visualisations such as dashboards, charts and graphs, giving our customers insights that they can turn into strategic actions.

What are the benefits?

Business Intelligence brings many benefits to an organisation, including:

  • Fast and accurate reporting
  • Valuable business insights
  • Competitive analysis
  • Better data quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Identifying market trends
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved and accurate decisions
  • Increased revenue
  • Lower margins


Find out more in our blog on Why You Should Analyse Data with BI.

"I’m using Power BI a lot more now than I did when we started with creating refreshable dashboards for SLT and other management levels showing different elements of the business. We are doing this by implementing the data warehouse built by Avrion, which is very handy. I love Power BI and think it is such a great tool that every business can have/use as it turns your raw data into a story that shows different aspects from the company over time."
Dan Costin - Restore Datashred
Dan Costin
Commercial Analyst at Restore Datashred

Why Avrion?

We are a team of experienced technology professionals who help our customers digitally transform their businesses using CRM, automation and other connected technologies.

As a Technology Partner, we bring 20+ years of knowledge into the solutions we build for our customers. We have implemented in excess of 300 successful solutions of varying sizes, from small to large, with a diverse range of functional and application requirements. Our customers are diverse too, in size and across most industries.

We specialise in helping our customers streamline and automate their business processes. This brings high efficiency and productivity, helping our customers gain a competitive advantage to thrive and succeed.

  • We eat, sleep and breathe data – it’s in our blood
  • Best support team
  • Solutions delivered faster
  • Innovative Technology Partner
  • Library of solution frameworks
  • Cost-effective implementations
  • Comprehensive system care and evolution program

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Want to know more?

We'd love to help you explore Digital Transformation -
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