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Primary Times – CRM for a Publishing Company

Solution: Maximizer CRM to replace a Spreadsheet

How did you come to work with Avrion?

About fifteen years ago Primary Times had come to the point of growth where we needed more than a spreadsheet to keep track of our business. We looked at several CRM systems, liked Maximizer CRM and decided to use it. We were partnered up, by Maximizer, with a company that turned out to be rather unhelpful to say the least. So we approached Maximizer and asked for more support and they put us in touch with Jonathan Wilkins, Managing Director of Avrion, and his team.

How has your relationship evolved?

During our busy times, we send over two thousand emails that need to be automated, logged and monitored. One such upgrade caused us a massive headache when the new setup turned out not to support our email software and our campaigns were in danger of failing to send. Avrion stepped in, supplying us with the relevant hardware necessary to ensure the smooth continuation of our business process.

We have worked with Avrion over the last twelve years. In that time, we have done regular upgrades and, as a technology partner, they have been really responsive and helpful.


Looking for a trusted Technology Partner who can provide you with CRM and ongoing support? Avrion can help by truly getting to know you and how you work. Partnership is more than a monthly fee for support – it’s an evolution, a working relationship to make your work life more efficient and intelligent. Contact us for more information about CRM and other business software solutions:

Launched in 1989, Primary Times is a magazine for parents, pupils and teachers in the primary school sector across the UK and Ireland. There are 59 Primary Times magazines with a combined distribution of over 2.7 million per issue, each one serving its respective local community with information and advertising relevant to the region. Primary Times is officially audited as the UK's largest circulated magazine. Our company publishes the magazine in 8 areas across South London, East London, Kent and Sussex.
“Avrion has always provided us with brilliant support and guidance, and we value the relationships with Dave Asher, Nick Elwood and Sam Walton. We trust them with our business completely.”
Peter Watson - Primary Times
Peter Watson
Managing Editor at Primary Times

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