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Avrion’s mission is to deliver excellent advice, service and technology to our customers, through a stable and secure company, whilst being honest, fair, actively environmentally aware, as well as having fun along the way.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) should be at the core of all businesses as collectively we have a responsibility to protect our planet. We have made it part of our mission statement so it is at the heart of everything we do.


We’ve been offsetting our carbon with Ecologi since 2021, planting trees and supporting other projects worldwide, in Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Thailand and many other countries working to help combat climate change.

2024 sees us starting to work with Planet Mark getting Avrion beyond compliance and on its way towards Net Zero, an important step for all businesses, whatever size, whether as a stand-alone business or in a supply chain we all need to be aiming for this.

Cartoon Bee
We have adopted our own beehive in a small, more local, UK based project through SW Honey Farms we are looking forward to tasting our honey for the first time this year, whilst the bees buzz about doing their important work.


As part of our commitment to giving back where we can, Avrion successfully works with Firebrand and their apprenticeship scheme, helping people to learn as they work and become part of the workforce.

We also welcome students from the local secondary school for work experience, helping young people understand the nature of our industry.

Our team are all community lovers who like to give back in a variety of ways –

All the volunteering, fundraising and helping with animals gives the team a great boost to their mental health, as well as doing the good it does for the charities themselves. We call this win, win. We are currently looking at volunteer days in the local area to be active in our own community as well as those further afield.


To demonstrate our commitment to cyber security and guard against the most common cyber threats we have successfully completed our Cyber Essentials certification.



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