Blog : Avrion’s Year in Review: Navigating CRM Excellence and Social Responsibility in 2023



2023 was a very busy year for Avrion. From sponsoring the Great British Expos to supporting good causes across the world, here are the highlights of Avrion’s year in review.

Technological Advancements

CRM Implementation and Development

  • During 2023, Avrion remained committed to assisting customers in implementing CRM systems and developing integrated solutions.

  • We also had a big focus on streamlining workflows and introducing automations to minimise errors and optimise how time and money is spent – vital for achieving an efficiently-run business!

Maximizer Sales Edition Updates

Throughout 2023, Maximizer CRM introduced various new and exciting features, including the Opportunity Viewer, Self Guide Product Tours, the Sales Intelligence Dashboard, and the Quota Tracker. On top of that, the Sales Activity Timeline and Max AI have enhanced the user experience, fostering more efficient sales processes.

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Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Having added Microsoft Dynamics to our solutions in 2022, we were very pleased to share a success story in 2023 with our Belvoir Group case study, highlighting the seamless integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Learn about Belvoir Group’s experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 below:


A big part of our year in review is Middleware as more and more customers are seeing the huge benefits of building tailored business software with Avrion. These benefits could be saving ££s on subscriptions through to a solution that works exactly the way you want it to. 

From Quoting and Contract Tools through to Customer Portals, Middleware is helping our customers get EXACTLY what they want and need from their business software solution.

Read how Restore Datashred completely streamlined their quotes and contracts renewal process:

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation – or BPA for short – is software that automates processes and links different software together. Far quicker to deploy and more efficient than outright development work, automation was on the top of many of our customers’ lists in 2023.

A few examples of BPA projects we’ve undertaken this year are:

  • Sending orders from CRM and pushing them into a finance system to be converted into orders.

  • Integrating Shopify and Sage 50, pushing and pulling information between the two systems.

  • Creating appointments in multiple systems.

  • Automating the process of sending samples via courier to potential new customers.

Discover how business automation can transform your business:

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps organise information so it can be easily accessed, helping companies to analyse their data in visual ways, identifying trends and patterns that can impact business success.

One of our customers works with hundreds of franchises nationally and wanted a single workspace to consolidate the data so it could be interrogated for insights.

You can't manage what you don't measure.

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Private Hosting Projects

As part of our year in review, 2023 saw Avrion secure various orders for private hosting, accommodating customers’ needs for enhanced security and customised solutions. We’ll be working on a CRM integration in 2024 for a long-term customer currently setting up a new business. Exciting things to come!

Customer Growth and Enhancements

As always, we were very pleased to welcome numerous new customers to the Avrion family in 2023. It’s a pleasure to work with every single one of our customers, no matter how long they’ve been with us.

We’ve also carried out various software enhancements, including upgrading CRMs with advanced dashboards, migrating customers to cloud solutions, and expanding quoting and project solutions. Not only that, but 2023 also saw many successful integrations, including Shopify and Maginus using BPA, and Sage CRM with Sage 200.


Great British Expos Tour

  • Something to definitely mention in Avrion’s year in review is our active participation in the Great British Expos across key cities, including Cardiff, Bristol, Twickenham, Swindon, Birmingham, Reading, and Manchester. It was such great fun travelling the country and meeting so many business-focused people.
  • One of our highlights of the year included being part of a Business & Community Awards Ceremony and presenting the award for SME of the Year.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Beehive Adoption

2023 saw Avrion embrace environmental responsibility further by adopting a beehive from SW Honey Farms, contributing to the preservation of bees and ecosystems.

Check out this blog where we asked Stuart Weekes (founder of SW Honey Farms) about the importance of bees for our planet:

Charitable Initiatives

  • As a team that is all about supporting charities wherever possible, we sponsored Susan Kennedy’s (one of our Marketing Consultants) triathlon for the Lexi Cinema & Salusbury World Refugee Support, and her 23rd London Marathon run for the Brent Centre for Young People.

  • Christmas is a time for giving, so in December 2023, we made two charity donations. To decide which charities to donate to, Avrion staff nominated charities close to their heart and we created a LinkedIn poll, resulting in joint winners Crisis and Prostate Cancer UK, each receiving a £300 donation.


Having been working with Ecologi for almost three years now and continuing to support them through 2023, to date we’ve funded the planting of 7,465 trees and supported various other Ecologi projects, preventing 341.43 tCO2e from being emitted into the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of 847,088 miles driven by a car!

Learn more about the special projects we’ve helped to fund on our Ecologi profile:

Women In Digital Marketing & Design Mentor Role

In December 2023, our Project & Planning Manager, Caroline Robertson, signed up to be a WIDD Mentor in 2024, showcasing Avrion’s commitment to professional development and mentorship to promote women in the business area. We’re very proud of Caroline for sharing her impressive experience and non-conventional route into marketing.

Plans for 2024

In this new year, we’re planning to expand our ESG work by partnering up with Planet Mark to start our journey to becoming net zero. We won’t give too much away just yet, but we’re very excited to start working with them!

Wondering what net zero means? Learn about the difference between carbon neutrality and net zero in this blog:

Employee Growth and New Ventures

New Staff Member in 2024

The final highlight for Avrion’s year in review is some exciting news about business expansion. In late 2023, we announced the introduction of a new team member in the upcoming year as part of the business strategy to grow the development team. We’re very excited to continue to expand the Avrion team as the business grows, enabling us to help more customers to streamline and automate their businesses through digital transformation.

Further Information

Avrion’s 2023 year in review wraps up as a year of technological excellence, social responsibility, and a commitment to customer success. With more strong foundations laid, Avrion looks forward to more innovations, collaborations, and positive impacts in 2024. Stay tuned for exciting updates in the New Year!

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