what is a web portal

What is a Web Portal and how can it help digitise your business?

A web portal is typically a way to share your business information with people outside of your organisation. For a customer, this might be the ability to view their invoices, past orders and quotes that you have created, as well as membership or subscription information, enabling them to get this information on a self-serve basis.


What are Backups and have you got them covered?

Did you know that there’s a World Backup Day on 31st March? I didn’t! But I do know how vital they are to businesses. So: Backups – have you got them covered? What are Backups? A backup takes a copy of all your data and files in case the original is lost or damaged. So,

How CRM benefits companies

How CRM benefits companies of all sizes

When it comes to CRM, size really does not matter. CRM benefits companies of all sizes – it can work well for a small business with one user right up to large multi-site companies with hundreds of users. The benefits, including GDPR compliance, for any company are significant and if you get your CRM in

Maximizer CRM's import tool

Maximizer CRM’s Import Tool – What’s Been Updated?

Importing data into Maximizer CRM has always been straightforward. Even so, there have historically been a few areas that needed improvement and that’s what they have done with the June 2020 update. So what exactly has been updated with Maximizer CRM’s Import Tool? Maximizer CRM’s Import Tool – updates There has always been a choice

Advanced Search in Maximizer CRM

Advanced Search in Maximizer CRM – what can you find?

One of the many benefits of a CRM system is having so much valuable data on your customers, prospects, suppliers and more. But having data is one thing – being able to find the relevant information quickly and easily is another. This is where the Advanced Search in Maximizer CRM comes in very handy. What

CRM customisations

What is software customisation and what are the benefits?

Software packages, such as CRM, are designed to provide a plethora of features in order to attract many customers to buy their software. They also often include additional functionality found in other software packages, in order to compete favourably when compared with other software vendors. The result is an abundance of features and, because of

international women's day

International Women’s Day

Here at Avrion, a technology partner that works with businesses to improve efficiencies with CRM software and integrated solutions, we have a relatively new Marketing Team that has been put together during the pandemic.  We have taken our website, social media and marketing activities to a different level with input from the managing director, sales

benefits of integrating systems

The benefits of integrating systems

Last week we discussed Apps and Data Connectors. Sometimes, you need more than just a data connector if you want to actually share data between multiple software applications. This is where you would benefit from integrating systems. For example, you may want to: Create a Quote in CRM but to do so, you need to get

Apps and Data Connectors

What are the differences between Apps and Data Connectors?

Very few businesses have a single, all-singing operational system. Instead, they have a few or multiple core business critical systems, such as CRM, finance, ERP. In particular, businesses that have grown via acquisition tend to end up with lots of disparate systems and face the daunting task of either selecting a single solution for all

CRM dashboards

What is a CRM Dashboard and how can it help you?

Even with the most simple CRM set up, it’s useful to have an overview of your data so that you can have quick access to information or tasks. This is where dashboards come in handy – but what is a CRM dashboard and how can it help you? CRM Dashboard Much like a dashboard in

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