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Do more with less by streamlining repetitive tasks and business processes – increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

What is Business Automation?

Business automation is a form of digital transformation. This can be moving data between your systems automatically in a time-sensitive way. It can also be automating how you send information between you and your customers, or perhaps controlling and validating data being entered into your systems in a workflow-orientated fashion. In summary, business automation is all about creating consistency in how you operate. Every company has a need to automate some or many of its operational tasks, which makes business automation a critical technology as part of your digital transformation strategy. Fact!

The benefits of business automation are huge, with the cost and effort for implementation being surprisingly low. Depending on what needs to be automated, there are plenty of tools and technologies to choose from. This means companies can improve the way they work, for less effort, find ways to enhance customer experience and increase overall profitability. And this can be done quickly and simply, tackling each automation as a separate, mini-project and then adding more automations at a pace and timescale that best suits the business.

The following infographic shows a typical example of how a sales process can be streamlined and automated:

Business Automations Infographic

What can be automated?

Most business tasks including user intensive processes! For example:

  • Automating the creation and sending of reports, that would otherwise take many hours to manually collate.
  • Inserting and updating customer and supplier records across multiple systems when changes happen, removing the need for people to remember to do this and eliminating errors.
  • Appending new information to records across multiple systems, ensuring all information is current and correct, saving people time and effort in managing this.
  • Adding website enquiries into CRM and allocating these to the appropriate salespeople to action, ensuring valuable leads are processed and dealt with immediately.
  • Creating sales orders and invoices in the finance system from confirmed quotations in CRM, completely removing duplication in effort and greatly reducing data input errors.
  • Processing e-commerce website orders into the finance system whilst updating CRM, accordingly, removing any manual effort required to do this.
  • Sending payment receipt notification emails to customers, enhancing customer experience, saving even more time!
"Avrion has, from the start, been very honest and clear about what we can achieve without spending vast sums of money on an entirely new system. We now have a system that can evolve as the development does, to improve and continually improve account visibility for our homeowners and improve cash flow by utilising the automation that we required."
Carly Cullen
Office Administrator at Priors Hall Park Management

Why Avrion? 

We are a team of experienced technology professionals who help our customers digitally transform their businesses using CRM, automation and other connected technologies.

As a Technology Partner, we bring 20+ years of knowledge into the solutions we build for our customers. We have implemented in excess of 300 successful solutions of varying sizes, from small to large, with a diverse range of functional and application requirements. Our customers are diverse too, in size and across most industries.

We specialise in helping our customers streamline and automate their business processes. This brings high efficiency and productivity, helping our customers gain a competitive advantage to thrive and succeed.

  • We eat, sleep and breathe automations – it’s in our blood
  • Solutions delivered faster (at less cost)
  • Comprehensive system care and evolution program
  • Extensive library of connectors, reducing solution delivery costs
  • We can develop custom connectors to ensure automation across a wide range of systems

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Want to know more?

We'd love to help you explore Digital Transformation -
on your terms

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