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Solution: Maximizer CRM, Sage 50 and Automations

The Challenge

The team at Priors Hall Park Management Ltd uses Sage 50 and was looking at ways to streamline their annual invoicing process. Each year 1,300 invoices were created manually, then printed and sent to homeowners and landlords. This was a laborious process and invoices will increase year on year until all 5,000 properties are completed.

“Landlords are often looking after payments for multiple properties, which adds a layer of complication to this time-consuming process. The system badly needed improvement to save time and create efficiencies,” explained Carly Cullen, Office Administrator at Priors Hall Park Management Ltd.

The Avrion Response

While looking at ways to save time and money, Carly Cullen met Jonathan Wilkins, Avrion’s MD, at a trade show and asked if he could help. His answer was simple: yes. The invoicing process could be streamlined by bolting Maximizer CRM onto Sage 50 and then automating the process using Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform. She was impressed by Avrion’s ability to grasp their needs, and how the solution could be kept simple, at low cost, while transforming their invoicing procedure.

“By really delving into how the process works with the different properties, landlords and homeowners, and looking at where it could be simplified and improved, we created an automation wish list for Avrion, who were brilliant at listening and communicating as they tailored the project specifically to the scope,” said Carly.

“Avrion built the system according to our needs and fine-tuned it as required once we began to use it. They have been very supportive throughout and helped us navigate through the entire process.”

As the team used the new process, they were able to make further improvements for Priors Hall Park Management and, indeed, their customers. With payment receipts being issued as part of the business process automation, email addresses are now added with correct fields in Maximizer CRM, leading to much better data quality and communication for customers.

The system also notifies users when a customer cannot receive automated emails due to missing information in the database. Increasing the use of email addresses enables significant email automation options, as well as reducing paper usage and postage costs. Further benefits include the ability to run regular statement reports directly to the customer. Avrion has also worked with another third party to provide an automated upload of these statements, via FTP, to an individual online account.

The Results

BPA Platform has enabled Priors Hall Park Management’s Sage 50 system to link with Maximizer CRM so that accounts can be set up for individual properties.

Filters also assist with credit control, account statuses and reminders, which are emailed using ready-made templates set up in Maximizer CRM, streamlining time-consuming credit control processes.

“The BPA Platform has delivered improved cash flow due to better email communications as a result of better data quality, which, in turn, reduces overall admin costs. Automated processes, such as payment receipts and regular statements, also reduce the time taken for invoice payments,” commented Carly.

“Credit control is easier to manage and, with dashboards, we can analyse data on customer accounts via graphic representations and click-throughs for deeper information. Furthermore, the time taken to create and process invoices has gone down from around 10 days to 2. This means cost savings can be calculated from the impact of business process automation on the system,” she concluded.


Whether you’re looking for CRM for property management or other industries, CRM can help streamline, automate and transform your business too. Contact us for more information:

Priors Hall Park Management Ltd were looking at ways to streamline their annual invoicing process. This was achieved by bolting Maximizer CRM onto Sage 50 and then automating the process using Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform, saving them time and money. Additional benefits were automated payment receipts and statement runs.
Avrion has, from the start, been very honest and clear about what we can achieve without spending vast sums of money on an entirely new system. We now have a system that can evolve as the development does, to improve and continually improve account visibility for our homeowners and improve cash flow by utilising the automation that we required.
Carly Cullen
Office Administrator

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