Customisable CRM

Adapted for your business

CRM is flexible enough to allow for deeper integration to other business critical software and automation of repetitive processes, which ensures optimal business efficiency and profitability.

CRM allows you and your team to nurture relationships at all stages of the customer journey, providing a more engaging and consistent experience with you. CRM also makes you more efficient because:

  1. Your data is unified, better organised and transparent throughout your organisation, which means everyone can view and act upon necessary actions.
  2. You can automate tasks and streamline processes, which minimises errors, improves efficiency and saves time.
  3. It’s easy to communicate with your contacts through automated marketing campaigns, through alerts that remind you to keep in touch with people and through a structured customer service support system.
  4. You can analyse your data, allowing you to grow and focus on your priorities, thereby improving your bottom line.


CRM Benefits

Why is customisable CRM important?

CRM is seldom a straight out-of-the-box solution. Instances where a little helping hand is needed to create the perfect setup for you include:

  • Customisation: This means adapting off-the-shelf CRM software in ways to fully tailor the solution to your business.
  • Data Connectors: If you have multiple core business-critical systems, such as financial packages, ERP etc. it might make sense to view shared data from within your CRM solution by securely managing the data flow between these applications.
  • Integration: This typically enhances the capability and value of existing systems and can negate the need to replace them as integration enables all systems to work together.


CRM isn’t a static bit of software that doesn’t change over time either. CRM must be shaped to fit your unique business requirements, and flexible enough to develop and grow as your business evolves. CRM, when set up properly and used correctly, will reap many operational, financial and business rewards for your team.

"After almost a year of trying unsuccessfully to engage with our existing partner, trying to get them to talk about upgrading and personalising the system, we decided to switch over to Avrion. Avrion had been in conversation with us and once we engaged with them, they immediately gave us something unique. They allowed us to effectively have an off-the-shelf CRM system that we could customise – at affordable rates. Rates that are competitive for SMEs."
Cole Fellows
Events & Operations Manager at The Insurance Network

Why Avrion?

We are a team of experienced technology professionals who help our customers digitally transform their businesses using CRM, automation and other connected technologies.

As a Technology Partner, we bring 20+ years of knowledge into the solutions we build for our customers. We have implemented in excess of 300 successful solutions of varying sizes, from small to large, with a diverse range of functional and application requirements. Our customers are diverse too, in size and across most industries.

We specialise in delivering CRM solutions, together with other technologies, such as Business Automations, Integrated Software and Business Intelligence to streamline and automate business processes. This brings high efficiency and productivity, helping our customers thrive and succeed.

  • We eat, sleep and breathe CRM – it’s in our blood
  • Best support team
  • Solutions delivered faster
  • Innovative Technology Partner
  • More knowledgeable about CRM compared to other partners
  • Library of solution frameworks
  • Cost-effective implementations
  • Comprehensive system care and evolution program

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Want to know more?

We'd love to help you explore Digital Transformation -
on your terms

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