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SPM Instrument UK – CRM and BPA for Manufacturing

Solution: Maximizer CRM with Business Process Automation (BPA)

The Challenge

With the technical support function SPM Instrument UK had in place, there were some difficulties in planning efficiently and tracking the progress of projects and incoming requests. This was a result of huge growth in the business and a larger demand on our technical department. The increased pressure this placed on the department forced us to look for a more efficient way of processing projects and actions.

The Avrion Response

Initially, we looked at numerous providers of helpdesk tools and although many seemed very good, they were not easily adaptable to what we wanted. Being a long-term customer with Avrion (for our CRM support), we discussed our problems and the bottlenecks limiting our efficiency in processing our work. They were open to suggesting some alternative applications for us, but ultimately, it was more efficient and bespoke for them to design and amend the platform we were already using, Maximizer CRM with some Business Process Automation (BPA).

Working Together

We knew the guys from our CRM support, but with this development, Avrion’s approach to the project was fantastic, from the first meeting to the handover of the finished system. The team is really good at keeping in touch, and consistent communication from tech/projects and business development managers at Avrion was exemplary. There were regular progress reports and conference calls to discuss next steps, ensuring a smooth way through. It meant that any issues were brought up and dealt with quickly.

We made quite a lot of edits and amendments along the way as different elements cropped up, and Avrion handled these changes amazingly well. Avrion also made suggestions to improve the process as the project evolved, spotting improvements we had not. Post roll-out and Avrion are still in touch and supporting wherever necessary.

The Results

Avrion handed over a platform that surpassed our expectations. It has generated huge time savings compared to our previous model. Our response time to clients is now significantly quicker. This new model gives us an overview of all projects in the technical department both for our tech engineers and the management. This enables us to find problems and weak spots immediately.

“We would highly recommend Avrion for both CRM and tech support applications. We recently upgraded our tech support function for both internal and external support requests. This has improved our response times, planning, service level agreements and overview of the department.

Avrion is always ready to suggest improvements and evolution for our business. A big thanks to Dave, Nick & Sam at Avrion for their work on this project.”

James Blair, Technical Support Manager, SPM Instrument UK.

If you’re looking for CRM or BPA for manufacturing, Avrion can help. We take a holistic approach when advising you on the best steps to improve processes, automation and business solutions by truly getting to know your business and how you work. Partnership is an evolution, a working relationship to make your work life more efficient and intelligent. Contact us for more information:

SPM Instrument UK is a subsidiary of SPM Instrument AB, a leading  global OEM of condition monitoring solutions. SPM UK provide condition monitoring hardware, software, support, consultation and training to all industrial sectors within the UK.
“With our workload and team outgrowing our old method of workflow management, we needed a solution. Having worked with Avrion in the past, we asked them to take a look. Dave, Nick and Sam took the time to go through our process with us. It was decided that a ticketing system was required - the guys set up what we required and assisted us whilst we inputted our data and got it going. I think the level of customer service we have received from Avrion is 5 stars.”
Mike Bevan - SPM Instruments UK
Mike Bevan
Senior Analyst, SPM Instrument UK.

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