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Restore plc – a CRM, middleware and data warehouse case study

Solution: Centralised Data Warehouse, Middleware, Contract Processing System (CPS), Maximizer CRM integrated with various back office systems, Introhive, Automations and Power BI

The Challenge

As Restore plc grew with multiple acquisitions, some extremely large, the company struggled with disparate databases, operational systems and finance systems, with separate management and sales teams in the divisions. Data was inconsistent and CRM usage was sporadic. The IT and projects team was under-resourced and detailed business mapping was needed.

The Avrion Response

Restore decided to review several CRM systems with Avrion, but after the cost implications and complexity of changing to a big-name CRM, decided that money was better spent evolving the system in place, Maximizer CRM. Having kept the central CRM database at the heart of the company and imported data from each acquisition, Restore was in a good place to build from there. Avrion provided a very detailed and cost-effective solution to meet the requirements of all divisions of Restore with an iterative approach of continuous improvements, whilst maintaining support and use of the existing system. There were no disruptions to the 200+ users. The Data Warehouse approach was agreed early on and, from there, a heavy gathering of requirements across the group was managed by Avrion, which led to positive engagement from all parts of the business. This helped the project progress enormously.

Working Together

Avrion had worked with Restore for over eight years, being the CRM provider for a small scanning company that Restore acquired early on. Commercial Director, David English, decided to stick with Maximizer CRM as it provided a simple CRM system at cost-effective prices that could evolve. The huge growth of the company meant Avrion helped grow Restore’s CRM from a 5-user system to over 200 users. The relationship was, and continues to be, open and supportive, and their knowledge of how Restore works as a group is extensive. This knowledge made Avrion well-placed to make decisions about the data and to present it in the best possible way. Within each element of the project, Avrion was involved in the demonstrations and training with both management and users.

The Results

The result of the extensive improvements in Maximizer CRM means that data is now more complete. The Data Warehouse connecting financial and operational systems to the CRM system presents users with data in one place; it’s simple and it saves time. The introduction of Introhive in the project also arms the Sales, Finance and Account Managers with unique insights of connections to prospects and customers within the group.

With all the systems linking together plus improved reporting, the Sales teams are able to see more opportunities for group sales, and managers can get a fuller, more accurate picture of the sales pipeline.


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Restore plc is an AIM-listed support services company focused on providing services to offices and workplaces in the private and public sectors. Restore plc has two divisions: Document Management and Relocation. As a group, we provide safe and secure services in:
- Document storage, cloud and media storage
- Document shredding
- Scanning, including specialist project scanning
- Commercial and workplace relocation
- IT relocation
- IT equipment and consumables reuse and recycling

“CRM2 was a critical ‘hyper-jump’ with Restore’s ambition to be better connected, work smarter, working towards joined up data, working towards an information flow that was qualitative. Not an easy transition, the project involved coupling existing platforms with some new CRM technologies, training  and a complex project roll-out - ingredients that ordinarily might cause concern. Nevertheless, pleased to say that Avrion managed the transition without fuss or any ‘catch-you’ extra professional services fees – a job well done.“
David English Commercial Director
David English
Commercial Director at Restore plc

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