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Does your business work with a technology partner that finds solutions to your goals and challenges that work for you? If not, why not? If it does, is your current technology partner really giving you everything you need/want?

It’s extremely important that, whoever you choose to work with as your technology partner, they provide top-quality support services that last throughout your entire relationship with them.

The service offered by different technology partners varies greatly, and for many organisations looking for guidance along their digital transformation journey, some of these partners just don’t provide everything they need – so it’s well worth doing some research before choosing your partner.

Avrion is a ‘one-stop shop’, if you will. We encompass all the possibilities you may be looking for, and not only provide the best ones for you, but tailor our approach to them to suit exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s quickly look at what a technology partner is.

What is a technology partner?

When you work with a technology partner, such as Avrion, they will help your organisation implement and enhance your technical systems. They should have proven experience in understanding their customers’ business goals, and helping to achieve them by guiding them along a digital strategy that is best suited to them.

A good technology partner should also help you to keep up with your growing business needs by suggesting ways to evolve your solution.

Check out this blog to learn more about what a technology partner is, and the benefits of having one.

Avrion – the best choice of technology partner

At Avrion, we take our work and customers very seriously – because we truly want the best for them. Here are four reasons why we believe Avrion is the best choice for your technology partner:

  1. We are a very hands-on partner. We take the time to learn what your business goals and challenges are, before finding solutions that work for you. With Avrion, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Your digital transformation journey is unique and organic, so we tailor each customer’s solution by defining and implementing the right digital strategy to achieve their goals.

What our customers say:

“When we were migrating from our old CRM system to our new one, the attention to detail into our process and our business was excellent. They always asked the right questions and wanted to know how we did things. So for us, choosing Avrion was an easy option because they started to build up that knowledge and understanding of what we were doing as a company.”
“Having outgrown our old CRM system, Dengie explored several options before choosing to work with Avrion to implement Maximizer CRM. Avrion quickly understood our needs and the challenges that we faced, and provided a solution that has really helped to improve the efficiency of our customer service team.”
  1. Throughout our partnership with you, we will continue to identify improvements and ways to evolve your system to keep up with your growing business needs. As part of our support program, we provide proactive account management services, helping our customers to evolve their solutions in a planned and strategic way. Ways in which we do this include:

    a. Joint review sessions to assess ways to improve and evolve your system.

    b. Sharing ideas involving additional technologies and identifying ways to drive your business forward.

    c. Management of future phases involved with system evolution and enhancement.

    What our customers say:

“Before we came onboard with Avrion, one of the biggest issues we had with a number of our previous Maximizer partners was that we never had any contact, and we weren’t being engaged on a regular basis. We had a number of ideas around how Maximizer would work better for our business model, but we never had a partner that was able to provide those bespoke integrations, those tips and tricks on how we could better improve our experience internally. When we came onboard with Avrion, it was quite refreshing to have that, and to be able to brainstorm ideas around what we think would really work for well us, and being able to have that feedback and experience there to build those things that we were asking for.”
“We were looking for best service provider for our CRM system and we came across with Avrion in 2016 and since then we have never turned back in terms of CRM system. This was our best step to move with Avrion as they understood our requirement quickly with excellent solutions and also within our budget. Working with Avrion is wonderful experience; we never need to approach them for any issues as they are always one step ahead by taking regular follow-ups. They are quick and punctual in terms of completing project. We had gone under many projects so far and more than happy to say that their solution is up to the mark. Avrion staffs are greatest asset of company. I really recommend Avrion for not only CRM system but for many other IT solutions as well.”
  1. All of our support is provided by highly knowledgeable and experienced people. We believe that the best solutions should come with the best support, which is why our support team is highly skilled in what they do, and you can trust them to do the best job 100% of the time.

    Rather than having multiple tiers, our support comes in one all-inclusive package, because to us, all our customers are important, so they should all get the same level of support.

    So that we can deliver a comprehensive system care program that fully supports your solutions and the users who operate them, we offer:

    a. Technical support via telephone, remote access, and email on an unlimited basis.

    b. An Administrator Helpline for advice and general assistance. This includes the provision of minor system enhancements and other tasks that may be required.

    c. Ongoing maintenance checks and system reviews to ensure the health of the solution.

    What our customers say:

“We have worked with Avrion over the last twelve years. In that time, we have done regular upgrades and, as a technology partner, they have been really responsive and helpful… Avrion has always provided us with brilliant support and guidance, and we value the relationships with Dave Asher, Nick Elwood, and Sam Walton. We trust them with our business completely.”
“Avrion’s skills and experience with CRM perfectly complement our own Sage 200 expertise, giving customers the confidence that all aspects of their Sage business system can be looked after by the right specialists.”
  1. Last but not least, we provide excellent value for money. At Avrion, we like to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with the service we provide, at a very competitive price. Our solutions will always be affordable because our main aim is simply to help you.

    For example, if you’re looking to implement Maximizer CRM or Dynamics 365, we have the best value implementation packages to get you up and running within 6 weeks.

    We also have a range of connectors that include connectors to join CRM to financial software, allowing you to view your financial data within your CRM system. We also create modules that can be added to CRM, such as our Quoting Tool for Maximizer CRM. By packaging up these solutions, they come at a very affordable price per user.

    On top of that, with our ongoing support and engagement with our customers, helping them to evolve as their businesses grow, we take pride that they’re always extremely happy with their decision to work with Avrion as their technology partner.

    What our customers say:

“We would highly recommend Avrion for their professionalism and going the extra mile with added value too.”
“CRM2 was a critical ‘hyper-jump’ with Restore’s ambition to be better connected, work smarter, working towards joined up data, working towards an information flow that was qualitative. Not an easy transition. Nevertheless, Avrion managed the transition without fuss or any ‘catch-you’ extra professional services fees – a job well done.”

Further information

If you’re looking to work with a technology partner to support you in your digital transformation journey, please contact us. We’ll be able to discuss your goals and challenges, and offer our expert advice as to the best path for your business.

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