Is your business too small to afford a top price CRM, but too big to work with spreadsheets and inboxes? You’re not alone – there are plenty of organisations with the same problem, requiring a CRM for small businesses.

But don’t just settle for the messiness and confusion of spreadsheets and inboxes, thinking that there isn’t a CRM solution out there that’s right for you. There is, we promise! And we can give you 6 key reasons why a CRM system is right for you.

Meet Maximizer – the mid-range CRM for small businesses

At Avrion, we get lots of small businesses coming to us for help. We offer a mid-range CRM solution called Maximizer, which is a perfect fit for companies of this size. Maximizer CRM is not so big that it’s out of your price range, but definitely not so small that there’s no support or setup flexibility.

In fact, it’s just right – it can be implemented easily, with or without our help. Maximizer has extremely low deployment costs, especially when combined with our Quick Start implementation packages. It also has an industry-leading low total cost of ownership, so in the long run, it’s often better value than other customer relationship management software on the market. What more could you want from a CRM for small businesses?

Watch this video below to learn more about Maximizer CRM:

As a small business:

  • Do you have contacts on spreadsheets, in notebooks and buried in emails?
  • Is it hard to keep track of your sales team’s progress?
  • Would it help to have all your notes in one place alongside your prospect & customer contacts details?
  • Do you struggle to make call backs in a time appropriate manner?
  • Would you like to store relevant emails with notes in one place against the relevant contact?
  • Have you discussed CRM and how to rationalise your data, but failed to find time to research?
  • Is your IT team stretched with no bandwidth for taking on a new project such as CRM?


If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, now is the time contact Sam Walton at Avrion to discuss your CRM options. Call him on +44 (0)1992 661244, or email him at

Proactive guidance and support

Did you know that 40% of SMEs without CRM say they lack the resources to implement one, and 38% also say they lack the required IT skills?

One of the overriding reasons to choose Avrion to help you to implement a CRM system is because we do the homework for you. We ask questions about your business in order to make your CRM work best for you. We can do this by giving you the skills to do your own implementation in a more independent way with our Quick Start implementation package. Or, with our Quick Start Assist package, we can spend more hands-on time creating your system, with feedback sessions built in. Read more about our implementation packages.

The number of customers who have solved bottleneck issues in the process of setting up CRM and ongoing support calls are too numerous to count, but you can read about some of them in our case studies.

Avrion takes the time to listen and help in the most cost-effective way, which is why we’re the number 1 Maximizer Elite Partner in the UK.

Further information on CRM for small businesses

If you’re a small business and would like to discuss how we could help you implement a cost-effective CRM solution that’s right for you, please contact Sam Walton on the details above, or contact us here.