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When it comes to CRM, size really does not matter. CRM benefits companies of all sizes – it can work well for a small business with one user right up to large multi-site companies with hundreds of users. The benefits, including GDPR compliance, for any company are significant and if you get your CRM in place early in the growth of your business, you are set to evolve with an advantage over competitors who don’t have one.

Small Business: 1 - 5 users

If you are a small business that works off a spreadsheet, you are, by the very nature and limitations of Excel, behind the curve with efficiency. CRM can keep all your leads, prospects and customer information in one place with easy access. Emails can be saved via an Outlook integration so you are not trawling through Inboxes to locate a message. It’s all there at your fingertips, and because the correspondence is stored in the CRM system, it’s there for the rest of your team to see too. There is no need to worry if you are using the most up to date data – used correctly, the CRM will always be the latest data. Your marketing, customer service, sales opportunities and financial information can be controlled and logged here too.

Mid-size Business: 5 - 50 users

If you are a mid-size company that needs to rationalise your data, maximise your customer base and adhere to your industry’s compliance requirements e.g. Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) etc. CRM can answer most of your challenges. If you have colleagues on holiday or off sick you can pick up business simply. It will enhance your sales processes, management reporting, customer services, marketing and more, through workflows and dashboards. With some detailed customisation for your business and perhaps some simple integrations to other key finance or operational software, you can put yourself right up there with the best competitive edge.

Large Business: 50+ users

Large companies can be inherently more disjointed and more siloed, particularly if you have geographical and product based differences or have grown by acquisition. You might even be on different operational and financial systems. A CRM system can be the starting point to unifying the business and ensuring a joined up picture of leads, prospects, customers, distributors, suppliers and more. Furthermore, through deeper integration with other business critical software and automisation of repetitive processes, you can ensure optimal business efficiency and profitability. The solution we built for Restore Datashred is a perfect example of what can be achieved.

Further information

In summary, CRM benefits companies regardless of size. However, getting it right to start with will save you lots of time and money, therefore selecting the right technology partner is critical. A technology partner should undertake a detailed analysis of your business objectives and how technology, including CRM, can help. With involvement from you, the customer, and how you see your company processes optimised, a technology partner can fully configure CRM to your requirements. The whole process should be a fully managed service with training as part of the package.

Why choose Avrion? If you look at our Case Studies page you will see examples of our customers who use CRM, from the simplest account to large customers with many users and bespoke integrations. We can work with you to help decide what’s best for your business, for now and as you evolve over time. Contact us today for more information.

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