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We keep hearing the phrase “Digital Transformation” but what does it actually mean?

Wikipedia puts it quite simply:

“Digital Transformation or Digitalisation is the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology.”

None the wiser? Let’s have a look at what sort of examples we can give to explain this further.

Integrating with Finance Systems

A simple starting place for many companies is to connect their CRM and financial systems. There are many benefits with the main one being your sales force and account managers can keep track of customer payments and outstanding invoices without needing to spend time phoning or emailing the accounts department. It also means you can set up dashboards and reports directly in your CRM system which include financial commentary. List your top spending customers, who your debtors are, who to chase up – there are endless possibilities.

Take a look our Sage Financials Data Connector for Maximizer as an example of how this can be done.

Tailoring your business processes

Each business is unique and the way we work varies tremendously. However, there are common themes where we can improve our business processes with developments like Customer Portals, automations and other time-saving solutions. The overall aim with these business processes is to help companies improve their productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

As an example of how business processes can be improved, read our case study for Restore plc, who were looking to rationalise the disparate operational and financial systems.

Automating repetitive processes

There are many examples where we spend an awful lot of human hours on repetitive manual processes – for example, with quotes, invoices, contracts and more. Not only is this time-consuming; it also opens up margins for error.

Here at Avrion, we have created a streamlined contract processing system for companies producing multiple quotes. The automation creates emails between the company and customer, as well as automated financial checks and messaging with the finance department, cutting out many unnecessary steps. Take a look at our case study for Restore Datashred, who we worked with to streamline their business with a quoting tool to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Another automation project we developed was for Priors Hall Park Management, where we massively streamlined their their invoicing process. A job that used to take ten days to complete now takes just two.

One size does NOT fit all either

We understand that “digital transformation”, “business process automation”, “business intelligence” and all the other buzzwords sound expensive. Some also believe that they only apply to big businesses – but this is definitely not the case. Every business – whether it be a one person company to a huge multi-site international business – can benefit from business improvements.

Our customer The Insurance Network only consisted of two people when it started its digital journey with us – have a read of their journey from email marketing to hosting to dashboard reports. So it really is a case of size does not matter.

Watch this video to learn a bit about their digital transformation experience with Avrion:

Further information

If you’re wondering what you can be doing to get started with your company’s own digital transformation, get in touch and book an Exploratory Session to start the ball rolling.

We can discuss how your business works, where the pinch points are and how to take the first step toward rationalising and improving your processes. We aim to find the simple wins first to immediately make your business work better, without a huge expense. Then we work with you to evolve and explore the best way for a better business experience for you and your customers.

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