If you’ve ever wondered what the benefits of Mobile CRM are, then read on. According to Forrester, having access to Mobile CRM increases the use of the software and 50% of sales teams increased their productivity as a result of using their mobiles. But how exactly does Mobile CRM benefit a company?

It boils down to time

The biggest challenge to the success of a CRM system is engagement from the team. In particular, Sales Teams are notoriously reluctant to spend time inputting data onto the company systems. There are multiple reasons for this; an unwillingness to share information, reluctance to input leads and prospects until the last moment, but one of the most common reasons is TIME.

Sales people are hungry. Their reason for being is finding the contacts, chasing down the sale and, in this almost back to normal world, being out and about, attending meetings, visiting client sites up and down the country. All of this takes time.

The idea of getting home after a long day and firing up the laptop, opening the CRM system, trying to remember the password, how to add notes, create follow-up tasks and update opportunity statuses when there is supper to cook and eat, children to catch up with, television to watch and relaxing to do (all very important parts of the day) is tiring. Updating CRM is not everyone’s favourite activity and gets neglected too often.

The beauty of mobile CRM

But with the app on your mobile phone, your meetings and tasks will come up automatically. With simple shortcuts to add notes, create tasks, check other connections to your prospects, this is much simpler. If you meet a new contact at a meeting, don’t wait until you get home or back to the office. Just enter it onto the CRM system on your mobile device, such as your phone or tablet, right there and then. You may even be able to dictate the notes instead.

This will improve the productivity and time management of the sales teams. It will also improve the company overview of the sales pipeline, create a simple format for Team Leaders to measure targets, update operations on incoming jobs for optimal staff allocation to sites, and generally make your business processes much more efficient.

If your company has taken a further step to join up systems with middleware or other connectors, the Sales Team can also check the finance status of leads or customers without wasting more time on phone calls or emails to the Finance Team. It’s there, at the touch of a button, on your mobile device.

Make your sales team’s life easier, more efficient and increase their productivity by making sure they have the best available tools; the CRM app on a mobile device of their choice.

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Further information on the benefits of mobile CRM

If you’d like to see the benefits of mobile CRM for yourself, and give your team the freedom to access and update your CRM system any time, from anywhere, helping you become evermore efficient and productive, talk to us.