Now that your workforce is hopefully back visiting your prospects and customers, make sure they keep your CRM up to date. One easy way of enabling people to do this, from anywhere at any time, is to ensure they have the CRM’s mobile app installed on their phone. This blog shows you how to install MAXIMIZERCRM’s Mobile App on a mobile device. But first, let’s see what it looks like.

Today’s Business Page

Use this page as an overview of your day’s appointments and tasks. You can also schedule new appointments and tasks. You can also choose whether you want to keep the inspirational quotes or disable them.

How to Install MAXIMIZERCRM’s Mobile App

View and Add New Records

Using the standard searches or your own saved searches, you can quickly and easily find records, as well as add new records:

Leads: Suspects and Prospects

Perhaps you get chatting to someone in a café or meet a new prospect at a trade show and they give you their business card. Leads allow you to enter the limited information you may have on suspects and prospects so you can work to convert it to a qualified opportunity.

How to Install MAXIMIZERCRM’s Mobile App

Address Book Entries: Individuals, Companies and Contacts

When you meet new people – for example, during a customer visit – you can add their details straight into MAXIMIZERCRM’s Mobile App.

How to Install MAXIMIZERCRM’s Mobile App

Opportunities: Qualified Enquiries or Sales Opportunities

When you identify a genuine sales opportunity, log it straight away via the Mobile App to ensure it is added to your pipeline so you can progress it. Likewise, for your current sales opportunities, use the time between meetings to work on progressing these enquiries.

How to Install MAXIMIZERCRM’s Mobile App

Customer Service Cases: Support issues, Order issues, Delivery issues etc.

The importance of good and swift Customer Service is not to be underestimated. With the Mobile App, you can immediately add and assign the right team to a case or issue and ensure it gets resolved promptly.

Having access to Customer Service Cases on your mobile device also allows you to check the status quo before you go into a meeting. If there are any outstanding issues, you can get a quick update before you meet your customer.

How to Install MAXIMIZERCRM’s Mobile App

Manage your Activities

Keep on top of your Hotlist while on the go. For example, you can dial directly from the Mobile App to make follow-up calls. You can also read and send emails, create new Hotlist tasks, check your appointments and more.

Use the Calendar to book meetings and close off completed appointments. The Mobile App helps you become super efficient by allowing you to book in time whilst on the go, to send all those pending quotes and book in time for follow-up calls or meetings.

Add notes straight into MAXIMIZERCRM while they are fresh in your mind. Don’t forget that you can flag certain notes as “Important” to keep them at the top of the list of notes. Why not save yourself time by dictating them – see our How to Dictate Notes to Text using the Mobile App in Maximizer CRM video to learn how.

You can also watch our video on the MAXIMIZERCRM Mobile App to see it in action.

How to Install MAXIMIZERCRM’s Mobile App

As you would expect, installing Maximizer CRM’s Mobile App is very straight forward. Choose the video below that matches your MAXIMIZERCRM deployment option:

MAXIMIZERCRM Cloud – How to install the Mobile App:

MAXIMIZERCRM On-Premise – How to install the Mobile App

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