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With the pandemic world we have been living in for the last fourteen months or so, some of us have not been away from home very much, if at all. So as the world eases up somewhat and we explore some holiday places, perhaps closer to home, we need to make sure all our systems are in place and that we are using CRM optimally to make returning to the workspace as easy as possible.

How can we help organise ourselves by using CRM?

1. Keep on top of your actions

In CRM, your To Do list is the go-to work area to organise your appointments and to-dos. Keeping it up to date, therefore, not only reminds you what needs to be done, but it also helps others in your team know the status of your activities e.g. sales opportunities, communications with contacts etc. whilst you’re away. So, before you take a break with peace of mind, make sure you do the following:

  • Schedule your meetings in the CRM calendar. If anything changes whilst you’re away, a colleague can reschedule for you
  • Set tasks to follow-up meetings and calls. It’s good practice to do so anyway!
  • Make sure any actions due while you are on holiday are re-assigned to a colleague
  • Maximizer CRM Customers: Watch this handy film from Maximizer for more tips on the Hotlist 

2. Ensure your customers and prospects are looked after in your absence

Your customer and prospects don’t have to stop their pre/post-sales experience with you just because you’re not working. Anyone on your team can pick up where you left off, as long as your CRM is up-to-date:

  • Ensure all your notes from meetings and calls are logged
  • Enter all your new contacts (if you haven’t already) or update existing customer or prospect details
  • Make sure the current status of your opportunities are correct on the system for any person reacting to inbound calls in your absence
  • Set up any tasks or to-dos either with colleagues while you are away or as a reminder for when you return
  • Save your emails into CRM for your colleagues’ reference – and to help your memory when you return refreshed from your break!

3. Keep your Calendar up-to-date

  • Ensure your calendar is updated – not only with prospect and customer meetings – but also with your availability. Remember to clearly show your holiday dates and any days you are working from home
  • Schedule any meetings for your return to ensure your calendar is not double-booked in your absence
  • Organise any appointments that will be attended by colleagues in your absence
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4. Get instant reminders with pop-up alerts

5. Interactive Dashboard

If you aren’t using this feature already, ensure you set up a Dashboard to help you hit the ground running on your return. You  might want to include:

  • A widget for New Leads assigned to you while you were away to ensure you tackle these time-critical prospects urgently
  • A widget for any of your Opportunities closed in your absence so you can thank the customer for their order
  • A widget for Support Tickets raised for your customers while you were away to provide outstanding account management
  • Maximizer CRM Customers: watch this video on how to get the most out of your Dashboards

6. Document Library

Your Document Library should be rich with content – for internal reference points as well as collateral for sales and marketing purposes. Make the most of this by remembering to do the following:

  • If your colleagues need to follow up on your enquiries, point them to the relevant brochures and information packs so they easily do this in your absence
  • Have you documented your internal processes? If so, add them to the Document Library for your colleagues to follow
  • Ensure important documents are kept up to date in the Document Library so that everyone has access to the correct versions, even when you’re away


Most of these tips are actually best practice advice in general, not just for when you go on your holiday. But it just highlights the importance of data integrity, good housekeeping and utilising your CRM system in the best possible way to make your life easier. As the old adage goes – work smarter, not harder! These tips should help you switch off and enjoy your long-awaited break, knowing your CRM will act as your memory when you return.

If you need more guidance on how CRM can help you become more productive, efficient and profitable, talk to us.


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