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Business process automation provides the opportunity to create huge operational efficiency in day-to-day processes that improves cash flow, profitability and productivity. Eradicating employee-intensive, manual, back-office tasks that are labour-intensive and therefore expensive, means businesses – including manufacturers – can become much more efficient and profitable.

Some common benefits of improving operational efficiency using automation

Common benefits achieved through the implementation of business process automation include the ability to become more responsive to changes in the business, as the joining up of systems creates quicker reaction times. This is a basic, yet a really important benefit to any company as that produces a reduction in the time taken to respond to customer queries.  

The eradication of repetitive data entry is another key benefit to BPA as seen in our Priors Hall Park Management Case Study, where the time taken to produce annual invoices was dramatically reduced from around 10 days to just 2!  Taking away these time-intensive tasks has shown remarkably improved employee productivity and job satisfaction. 

One other significant benefit is the removal of the need for manual report production, another seriously time-intensive job. With better automated reporting comes increased visibility into critical business information, which can enhance the company’s ability to predict cash flows and renewal revenue amongst other benefits. 

The combination of these multiple gains from automation result in the overall improvement of decision making in the business, as well as reducing employee times spent on repetitive tasks.  This results in better cost saving, a happier workforce and a vastly improved IT infrastructure. 

Here are some of our business process improvement ideas

It doesn’t matter how big your business is or what industry sector you are in, the following business process automation examples show the many different ways you can improve operational efficiency. 

Web portals: Customer portals similar to Restore Datashred’s streamlined customer onboarding, thereby improving their user experience. 

Software integration such as ERP, accounting or logistics: Not all systems have in-built CRM or indeed CRM systems advanced enough to meet key business requirements. They are purchased as they are specialist solutions. Integrating systems enables organisations to choose the systems that best suit their business, then connect them to ensure data is accurate. Ensure any system implemented has published APIs so integrating is simple, whether you have SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint or Moveware. 

Automated Management and KPI Reports: Automated generation and distribution of reports saves so much time, improves productivity levels and therefore saves time and money. Reports such as showing sales pipeline for the next month, goods/orders to manufacture.  So, how exactly can you analyse data with BI? 

eCommerce integration: Integrate your webstore with your CRM and ERP to automate order processing. For example, COP UK needed a turnkey solution, integrating Maximizer CRM with Sage 50 and their website, plus their Quote and Order Processing module rewriting. Want to know more?

Automating processes: Save time on manual and/or repetitive tasks. All areas of your business can benefit from automation. For example, why not automate your credit control processes by issuing statements, invoices, credit notes. As mentioned above, Priors Hall Park Management streamlined their annual invoicing process, reducing the time taken from 10 days to just 2.

Automate inbox processing: If you route customer queries to a centralised email address (think sales@, support@), an automation solution can be designed to process the emails and automatically create and assign Opportunities or Tickets in your CRM system. Not only does this give your customers fantastic service but it also saves your employees administration time which they can spend on your customers. Read how Avrion created a solution for SPM Instrument UK that provides an overview of all projects in the technical department for tech engineers and management, with massive time-saving benefits. 

Alerts/Notifications: Why not configure alerts and notifications to ensure everyone is kept up to date – automatically! Notifications such as order fulfilment updates and alerts to your Sales Manager/Board of Directors of a large opportunity won. Provide proactive account management if a customer hasn’t placed an order recently. Deal with these instances in real-time as they happen. This Solution Spotlight showcases how we set up order fulfilment notifications for a global toy reseller – keeping customers updated at all times. 

Has this blog got you thinking? If you’re still wondering how business automation can help streamline your business, read our previous blog.

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