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This blog is the first in our series of Solution Spotlights. You may be wondering, “what’s a Solution Spotlight?” We’ve created this series of short “Use Cases” to showcase what challenges our customers were having prior to working with Avrion, and how we collaborated with them to create a solution.

These Solution Spotlights are designed to give you inspiration on how you could further digitise your systems, making your business much more efficient.

A Global Toy Reseller – Keeping Customers Updated on Order Fulfilment

As part of their regular evolution service, this customer wanted to automate a repetitive process to keep their customers updated on their order fulfilment. The resulting solution delivered huge time savings for them to invest in other areas of the business.

This solution addressed just one process, how much time could we help you save?

To keep Customers updated on their order fulfilment by sending an email to each Customer containing the courier tracking URL per order shipped.

  • Identifies new rows of data received (orders shipped) and matches this to the corresponding Customer.
  • Extracts all data required for the email for each order line.
  • Sends an email to the Customer using the main Email Address contained in the CRM system. The email contains the tracking URL address, and was designed to reflect the corporate branding including images.
  • Run on a daily basis.
  • Keeps Customers updated and provides self-service for delivery queries.
  • Automates a repetitive process.
  • Saves 80-100 hours/week to focus on other areas of growing their business.

Maximizer CRM, BPA.

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