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Restore Datashred

Restore Datashred – a CRM Case Study

Solution: Centralised Data Warehouse, Middleware, Contract Processing System (CPS), Maximizer CRM integrated with various back office systems, Introhive, Automations and Power BI

The Challenge

Within Datashred, the quote-to-contract setup process had many manual and time-consuming aspects to it. After breaking down each element, we concluded that we needed to streamline processes and integrate with both our CRM and Operational systems. We had an existing e-signature solution which was not cost-effective, and wanted to bring this in-house. Also, we needed a platform that could provide a seamless sale-to-account setup, applying our specific business rules and guiding both sales teams and customers through the journey without having to navigate to other systems. An additional requirement was to eliminate duplication in process and administration, caused by having to work around the original systems.

The Avrion Response

When the Datashred division was newly acquired by Restore, we migrated to our new owner’s CRM system with the help of Avrion. During this process, Avrion learned how the Datashred business operated, which helped significantly when discussing requirements for this new solution. We could have turned to an alternative supplier, but, with their comprehensive understanding of our sales cycle and our previous experience of working with them, we were confident they could assist us.

After just a few discussions, Avrion was able to put together a proposal that met all of our needs and more. They understood what we were trying to achieve and the hurdles that would have to be overcome, and provided a solution that exceeded our expectations.

Working Together

Avrion has an exceptionally good understanding of how we operate as a business, and identified areas of the process that we could push further to create more automation. We found that working with the team became a collaborative experience where we could bounce ideas off of each other. If we came up with a way we envisioned something working, the Avrion team was able to push that idea to the next level, thus making the solution even better. Avrion handles change very well and, during the project when we did make some changes to the original scope, we were met with positivity and understanding and it was clear they had our business priorities in mind.

Avrion was always available when needed and, throughout the testing, pilot and rollout, they provided an abundance of support to ease the delivery.

The Results

Once the solution was rolled out we could see the improvements it made. The time it took for an account to be set up went from 5-7 minutes to a click of a button. We also saw an improvement in rejections due to incorrect data. We were able to provide quotes to our customers faster and had a built-in customer signature portal that enabled us to cut costs on a third-party e-signature system.

We have completed Phase 2 and are now working on Phase 3 development that will help take this platform to the next level.

“I’d 100% recommend them. It’s been a dream working with them. They have helped us at every point in this process. I’ve worked with people in the past where there’s a bit of tension, but with Avrion they always helped to direct our journey, in a way that was working with us as a partner, over anything else.” – Jasmin Dudden, Business Improvements Manager, Restore Datashred

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Restore Datashred is a market leader in the provision of confidential data destruction services.  The business operates in 12 sites across the UK, and carries out almost half a million collections from their customer’s premises each year, recycling all the paper it collects.  
“Avrion has a very positive and proactive approach to its relationships with customers. They are able to grasp a concept quickly and turn it into a deliverable that can make a significant difference to a business. They take the time to understand the requirement, taking concepts and ideas and turning them into tangible benefits. We have found them to be both professional and patient, and always feel that they genuinely want to achieve the best outcome possible for the customer.”
Jasmin Dudden
Jasmin Dudden
Business Improvements Manager

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