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The Maximizer Cloud November Update (also referred to as 2023.11) was released to customers on Wednesday 22nd November.

Read on to find out what is included in this update.

Base Edition

Global Search

Introducing the new Global Search option – a new addition to the Quick Search dropdown. This new feature enables searching across various objects, including Address Book entries, opportunities, cases, leads, and interactions. No changes have been made to the other Quick Search functions, so you can continue searching in the same manner as before – but you may not need to with the power that Global Search provides!

Enter your search text and either click the search button or press Enter. The search results will display matching Address Book entries, opportunities, cases, leads, and interactions, grouped by types.

Global Search - Maximizer Cloud November Update

If you’d like to further refine your search results, consider entering additional information. For example, combining the Address Book entry name with keywords found in opportunity Objectives and Description fields can effectively narrow down the search results.

Global Search Refined - Maximizer Cloud November Update

Not only can you use the new Global Search, but you can also perform actions while you search. Global Search is sure to save your team lots of time!

13 New Zapier Integrations

Integrating your favourite apps through Zapier and Maximizer can automate your workflow. Take advantage of the pre-configured workflows by connecting through Zapier with the following Finance and eCommerce apps: 

  1. Sage Accounting
  2. Stripe
  3. PayPal
  4. Chargebee
  5. Square
  6. QuickBooks Online
  7. Xero
  8. WooCommerce
  9. Shopify
  10. Amazon Seller Central
  11. Quickbooks Commerce
  12. eBay
  13. BigCommerce

To understand the value that Zapier and
Maximizer can provide to enhance your workflow, 
try Zapier free!

Other Enhancements

The Maximizer Cloud November update also includes the following enhancements to the Base Edition:

  • Completing tasks is now more convenient – no need to open each task individually. With Maximizer’s updated grid functionality, you can directly mark a task as completed.

  • Set up default entries for leads – this will reduce manual data entry and increase productivity.

  • Copy settings from an existing user when creating a new user.

  • Improvements in file import:

    • During import, leading and trailing spaces in the text from the import file will be automatically removed. This improvement ensures that errors resulting from space discrepancies are eliminated.

    • The following special characters are now also supported, eliminating the need to remove these before import: ~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) – _ + = { } [ ] | ; : < > , . / ?.


  • Default Lead Entry: Save time with Maximizer’s improved lead entry process. The app now utilises the default settings from the main application to pre-populate new leads, eliminating repetitive data entry and ensuring a swift, consistent setup for every new lead.

  • Follow Key Opportunities: Stay on top of your sales funnel with the new opportunity following feature. Get notified for stage changes of key opportunities directly on your phone.

  • Email Signatures: Emailing on the go is now even more personalised. Your email signature from your Maximizer browser application is now integrated into the mobile app, ready to be automatically added to your emails for a cohesive communication experience.

Sales Leader Edition

Playbook in Opportunity Details Tab

The Playbook feature is now accessible within the Details tab in the Opportunities module. It offers valuable insights into deals and provides convenient access to useful links while working within the Opportunities module.

Playbook in Opportunity Details Tab

Further Information

For more information on the Maximizer Cloud November Update, see the Maximizer Cloud November Release Notes.

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