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You may be wondering, “how do surveys help businesses?” Increased communication leads to a better understanding of customers, improved business decisions and increased customer satisfaction levels. Well-designed and executed survey feedback can be instrumental in achieving customer retention, brand loyalty and profitability goals.

How Different Types of Surveys Help Businesses

You can obviously survey on a myriad of topics, however the following surveys are popular: 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys 

You need to understand how happy your customers are with your products/services. Don’t assume they’re completely satisfied just because you don’t get complaints. It is important to contact them regularly to find out how satisfied they are. Is there anything else they’d like to buy from you? It is beneficial to discover whether they’re spending budget with your competitors and why. Are your competitors offering/providing something better?  

Customer Journeys 

Understand what it is about your organisation that has brought your customer to you – their needs, their buying process, where they source information, who is making the decisions. 


Is your price point right? Make sure you’re not charging too much – or too little. You need to know the optimum price you can charge without being too expensive, and similarly the least you should charge before losing credibility. 

Marketing Effectiveness 

How are your customers finding you? Where do they go for information during each stage of their buying cycle? What information are they looking for? Ensure your messages are getting through to the right people, at the right time, and that you’re spending your precious marketing budget wisely. 

Website Survey 

Discover what people think of your website. What do they think is missing? What information are they looking for? How easily can they find it? What is their purpose in coming to your website and do they achieve it?

Ex-customer Research 

Enquiring about where your ex-customers have gone and why they’ve stopped buying from you is an exercise that will often immediately pay for itself. There may be a step that can be easily fixed, or you may find out that your competitors have a new initiative you can compete with. 

Failed Quote Analysis 

Find out why you didn’t make the sale. Is it price? Setup services? Support package? Adjusting elements of your offering is often quick, easy and can result in major changes to your success rate in winning new business. 

Brand Awareness 

Understanding how well your brand is known and what people think of it will help you fine-tune your marketing messages to target the most profitable target segments. If you’re planning new campaigns, research before and after the campaign will tell you what you got right and what you could do improve upon. 

Packaging Design 

Before committing to a print run, check your package is attractive to your target market. Make sure it will stand out and convey the right message about both the product and your company. 

Advertising Testing 

Ensure your message is interesting to your target market and clearly understood. Comprehending this will help to prevent wasting any of your marketing budget. 

Staff Surveys 

Anonymous surveys among your employees will reveal what’s really concerning them. How loyal are they feeling? How long do they plan to stay with you? What’s bothering them? It’s a much better way of offering a ‘suggestion box’.

Finding the Right Survey Tool

There are lots of survey tools out there, with Survey Mechanics being one of the friendliest and most easy-to-use survey platforms available.

About Survey Mechanics

Use Survey Mechanics to set up surveys quickly and easily on UK-based servers, and get almost instant insight with comprehensive, easy-to-use analysis tools and flexible reporting.

Survey Mechanics’ Automatic Analysis Engine analyses your survey to immediately get the answers you need. 


  • Analyses your data – automatically 
  • Identifies significant differences and correlations in your survey data
  • Is virtually instantaneous
  • Ensures you don’t miss anything important.

Survey Mechanics’ Automatic Analysis Engine analyses your survey results and reports any statistically significant results. It identifies relationships in your data, and most importantly, highlights differences in answers between different groups of respondents. It even runs in real time, so you can view correlations and significant differences before your survey has even finished.

You don’t need to be an expert with spreadsheets or specialist analysis software, or even be educated in statistics to identify the important associations in your survey data. Survey Mechanics does it for you! 

The inbuilt Automatic Analysis Engine will save you hours, or even days of analysis. 

Survey Mechanics is the only survey tool you’ll ever need!

Further information

Now that you know how surveys help businesses, to find out more about Survey Mechanics and see how it could help your business, check out our Survey Mechanics page.

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