"Working with Avrion has been amazing from start to finish. We use Maximizer as a main system, however we required a bespoke quote tool building for our sales team. From start to finish, the integration of the software and support has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their entire team are very knowledgeable, efficient and nothing is ever too much. We look forward to using Avrion moving forward and continuing a great business relationship."
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Luke Hogg
Sales & Marketing Manager - Knoxford Ltd t/a Portable Floormaker

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Connecting Maximizer CRM and Survey Mechanics


Survey Mechanics‘ easy to use and innovative survey platform lets you build professional looking surveys quickly and easily – even if you’ve never built a survey before. Survey results can be analysed just as quickly, with Survey Mechanics’ unique analysis tools providing you with valuable insight in minutes.

Fantastic tool and don't just think Surveys... Responses to data entry on your website can also be fully automated and you get amazing insight on the analytics side of things through the 'slice and dice' capabilities!
Mike Richardson, 3 County Property Services
Mike Richardson
Director, 3 County Property Services

Survey Mechanics USPs

This provides virtually instant insight by automating one of the most difficult aspects of any survey – data analysis. By helping you to understand the data this removes much time and effort while ensuring you don’t miss anything important.

The Survey Mechanics Automatic Analysis Engine will look at every possible significant difference and correlation in your survey data and identify them for you automatically – all at the touch of a button.

With Survey Mechanics you can examine your results by time – to identify trends to understand if marketing initiatives are making a difference to monitoring customer satisfaction. You can set up multiple time periods to for comparison.

Running surveys with your own people, your customers or prospective customers means you already have a wealth of information about them in CRM which you can include in your surveys automatically. When you send invitations to participate in a survey using our Invitation Manager, you can include this information in your survey as hidden questions. You can then use these to direct your respondents through the survey, keep questionnaires short, maintain confidentiality, and use as part of your analysis.

Combining a powerful survey platform with your CRM means that many of your processes which may be currently conducted manually and slowly can be automated – here are a few examples:

  • Mobile workforce data collection/reporting (to include pre & post customer feedback)
  • Any kind of application or registration form – where automatically populating Maximizer could revolutionise how you work
  • Automating any registration process including those which may require document uploads
  • Data cleansing – checking and updating your entire Maximizer contact database automatically
  • Automated training (and training feedback) – including auto issue of certification
  • Creating a ticket system for customer complaints/customer service
  • Email marketing – creating new records and leads lists automatically
  • Eliminate data collection via spreadsheets
  • Auto-populate new account forms
  • Eliminate manual survey reminders
  • Automated customer service – NPS & KPI data included.

In this video, Peter Martin (CEO of Survey Mechanics) gives
an overview and demonstration of Survey Mechanics, and how it could provide value to your business.

The possibilities of automating manual data processing or streamlining data flows are extensive. Please contact us to discuss how you work with data moving in or out of your organisation and we will work with you on making real change.

Customers using Survey Mechanics

In this “Ask Our Customers” video, Cole Fellows from The Insurance Network talks about their use of Survey Mechanics and what it enables them to do.

Survey Mechanics replaced their previous use of dotdigital surveys – from post-event surveys to proactive event planning.

Look through the gallery below to see the product in more detail

Online Surveys – Connecting Maximizer CRM and Survey Mechanics

Survey Mechanics‘ easy to use and innovative survey platform lets you build professional looking surveys quickly and easily – even if you’ve never built a survey before. Survey results can be analysed just as quickly, with Survey Mechanics’ unique analysis tools providing you with valuable insight in minutes.

Survey Mechanics integrates with Maximizer CRM quickly and efficiently, meaning you can launch surveys – and view their results – from within Maximizer CRM.

CRM integration using Survey Mechanics not only gives you the power of one the best survey tools available to understand your customers and potential customers, but also helps to solve other business issues.

Common CRM integration scenarios and solutions that we have helped businesses with:

  • Checking records and updating them as necessary
  • Automatically creating new records for new contacts – thereby creating lead lists
  • Auto certification for e-learning
  • Identifying problem accounts
  • Automating customer satisfaction checks
  • New account forms
  • Auto creation of customer service cases.

Maximizer – Survey Mechanics integration

Avrion’s integration of Survey Mechanics with Maximizer has two key applications:

  1. Providing an innovative and powerful platform to conduct valuable market research that measures critical business factors such as customer satisfaction, ex-ex-customers, unsuccessful bids, new product and service development, NPS and much more.

  2. Creating an innovative automated solution to replace manual processes – to save time and money with greater efficiency and productivity, support compliance with a single audit trail, make better decisions and allow your business to scale with as little pain as possible.

This exciting integration brings the power of one of the cleverest survey platforms to your CRM. Every business needs to understand its customers – if they’re satisfied, why they buy from you, where else they buy from, whether they’ll keep buying your existing offer – or your new one – and will they recommend you?

You can now run powerful surveys directly from your Maximizer interface, giving you customer insight quickly, easily and affordably.

Apart from research, Survey Mechanics – integrated with Maximizer – can also introduce significant savings of time and effort in routine form-filling tasks, by automating your processes (Formstack’s 2018 survey of 280 businesses found 62% of business owners have identified at least three major inefficiencies in their manual business processes that could be resolved with automation, with 58% spending more than two hours a day on manual data entry).

Survey Mechanics works with a wide variety of clients, including other research companies, charities, councils, start-ups and SMEs. Larger clients include many household names such as the NHS, the Market Research Society, Diageo, HSBC, Specsavers, Visa and numerous other blue chip companies.

Integration Features Comparison

Feature Survey Mechanics standard Survey Mechanics simple pro Survey Mechanics pro X
Deploy a survey from Maximizer
Deploy multiple surveys from Maximizer
Deploy surveys from Customer Service Cases
Deploy surveys from Opportunities
Auto-populate Maximizer UDFs with user defined survey responses
Auto-populate Maximizer customer service cases with user defined survey responses
Pop up window of survey results within Maximizer
Pop up window of survey results and activity roll up data within Maximizer
Schedule survey deployment
Set up user defined auto reminders for respondents who have not completed their survey
Restriction/security for survey deployment user permissions
Automated issue of course certificates or legal documents requiring manual signature
Automatic creation of a Maximizer record for a respondent not already set up in Maximizer
Upload historic data sets
Use Survey Mechanics or Maximizer for data analytics
Full access to all Survey Mechanics features
Unlimited surveys and responses
Document uploader (up to 50MB)



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