Are you suffering from the “January Blues”? Or struggling with your mojo during the short days of Winter?

After the Christmas break and the start of a new year (or even low mental health or just a bad day), it can be hard to regain the motivation you need to get back to work. But it’s always good to remember that the start of a new year is almost like a fresh start. There are lots of different types of goals you could set (work-related or in your personal life), and so much you could look forward to. It’s a new year to achieve anything you’d like. To help you get back into good spirits, here are some motivational tips for a happier work life.

Motivational Tip: No Pressure

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself at work. That’s obviously easier said than done because if you’re doing a job, you want to do it well – but similarly to day-to-day life, some work days are better than others. If you have a bad day, or a day that isn’t the most productive, leave it in that day because tomorrow is a new day. Think about, or even write down, what you can do tomorrow to make it better – you’ll feel more at ease in the morning if you’re prepared for the day, than if you’re still stressing over a day that has been and gone.

Motivational Tip: Reward Yourself

At the end of a busy work day, it’s always important to reward and be kind to yourself. Even if there were some negatives during the day, don’t solely focus on these! Instead, try to turn the negatives into positive goals for tomorrow, and look for the positives that already exist. If you didn’t achieve as much as you’d planned today, write down something that you did achieve – even if it’s only one thing. You’ll then realise that you did accomplish something, and today wasn’t the big failure you may have first thought it was.

Motivational Tips for a Happier Work Life Motivational Tip: Make Lists

There’s a lot of power in a tick. At the end of each week, write a list of things you’d like to accomplish by the end of the following week. If you have a large, time-consuming task, break it down into smaller tasks. Ticking or crossing off a task can feel very satisfying, and makes you realise just how much you’ve achieved that week. Do, however, keep in mind that workloads and responsibilities can change, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get to tick off every task by the end of the week.

Success is motivation.

Motivational Tip: Just Start

Most people are under the impression that you have to find motivation before you can start working. Actually, it’s often the action of working (motivated or not) that will ignite the motivation you need to continue – until you find yourself on a roll.

Some of the greatest films in history most likely started with the screenwriter typing random things on a page, just to get the ball rolling. It works, trust me.

Motivational Tip: Speak Up

You may be one of many people looking for the motivation to get into work mode, especially with an increase in remote working. Some people thrive while others can find it isolating.

Speak to your colleagues, your manager, or your friends or family. Chances are, a fair few of them are feeling the same way and you’ll all feel more at ease knowing that it’s completely normal and you’re not alone. If they don’t feel the same way, they’ll likely be able to give you advice and support you in igniting the flame you need to be most productive at work. Talking really does help, and you may even spark ideas off each other to create goals and excitement to work towards during the year.

Motivational Tips for a Happier Work Life Motivational Tip: Remind Yourself

Why did you start your current job in the first place? Was it because you’re passionate about it? Is it something you’re particularly skilled at? Or maybe it’s simply providing stability for you or your family. Remind yourself of the reason your job is important to you, and you’ll find the motivation to work the best you possibly can.

Further information

A new year can bring lots of great things and should be something to look forward to. I hope these tips will help you to find the motivation to get back to work.

However, if you’re really struggling, please call 116 123 for the Samaritans helpline. If you find it difficult to speak on the phone, you can email and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours.

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