Meet the Team: Avrion App – Survey Mechanics Pro Connector for Maximizer CRM For this Meet the Team blog, we interviewed one of our Software Developers, Christopher Petrou – a member of the Avrion team since 2018 – about an Avrion App he recently worked on.

Avrion App – Survey Mechanics Pro Connector for Maximizer CRM

Working on the Survey Mechanics Pro Connector was a new type of project for Christopher because it was more focused on the back-end connector than the front-end user interface (UI). What made it particularly different was that more information was involved than was visible within Maximizer CRM.  

Avrion data connectors join up separate systems so that data can be seen within CRM. In this case, Maximizer CRM and Survey Mechanics were connected. This enabled CRM users to view Surveys and their related responses all from the contact record in Maximizer. 

The integration involved continual service updates, 24 hours a day, in order to pick up new surveys and responses. Having a 24/7 service updating CRM is not very common, and adds another benefit of having Avrion as your technology partner. The information retrieved by the service was processed whilst constantly running. Different types of “jobs” on different schedules extracted the data and then inserted/updated it in Maximizer.

There were three main functions involved: 

  • Extraction of the necessary data
  • Uploading the extracted data directly into Maximizer
  • Automatically checking/updating User Defined Fields (UDFs) in Maximizer when sending out surveys.

Avrion Apps are very reasonably priced

Avrions Apps utilise our own Subscription Manager System, which is linked to several systems all at the same time, to ensure our apps have optimised performance. Our Subscription Manager System is a single development project involving a database to manage subscriptions – so there is no need to re-create the framework codes and systems needed for all our connectors. Each new Avrion App can be added quickly and easily to the Subscription Manager System, ensuring our apps are very reasonably priced. 

For the Survey Mechanics Pro Connector for Maximizer CRM, Christopher created a simple middleware to manage surveys for multiple customers. We used the same methodology for our Financials data connectors for Sage and QuickBooks.

This recent project gave Christopher exciting new and innovative skills, which means we have another member of the development team who can create Avrion Apps as we identify them. We always have so many ideas for Avrion Apps so this is fantastic news! 

We are looking forward to repurposing this technology in the coming months on upcoming customer projects and other Avrion Apps.

Further information

If you’d like one of our Avrion Apps or would like to discuss the need for a custom connector to join up your systems, please contact us.