What We Do : Avrion Apps

Avrion Apps are created by our team when we identify an area of a solution that can be developed and will have wide-reaching benefits. Our ultimate aim is to deliver integrated solutions using Avrion’s proven connector technologies so that you can operate in a seamless, joined-up and efficient way.

Bing Maps Connector

Use the power of Maximizer CRM to search for your target customers and prospects to display on Bing Maps. This connector passes address data from Maximizer to Bing Maps, which in turn plots addresses on a Bing Map or a Bing Directions Map. When selecting addresses from Maximizer, these addresses are instantly validated using Bing Maps, highlighting any Maximizer records that might have address errors.

So whether you’re a salesperson planning your sales itinerary in a selected area, or a marketer wanting a visual representation of where your customers are located, Bing Maps Connector produces them for you – fast, simply and efficiently.

  • Simply select the record(s) in the Maximizer Address Book and instantly view the records on a Bing Map. Hover over the map pins to view the record details. You can plot up to 200 records per map.

  • Choose the Route Directions option and plot up to 15 Maximizer Records onto a Bing Maps Route Planner. Dynamically change the waypoints and add other destinations to create your route. Share your route to your mobile phone.

  • (UK Only) Use the Radius Search option to find Maximizer records within a definable distance from any postcode.

The Bing Maps Connector for Maximizer works for both Maximizer Live and On-Premise Edition.

Sage Financials Data Connector

Sage Financials Data Connector by Avrion is a data feed from Sage Accounting software into Maximizer CRM, providing a 360-degree view of your customers’ sales and financial information.

The unrivaled power of Maximizer and the Sage Financials Data Connector allows your management team and salespeople to view, search and analyse all your key data quickly and efficiently. You no longer need to ask your Finance Department for customer financial information as you can view it directly within Maximizer.

  • View Sage Accounting Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Activity transactions from within the Maximizer customer record, with a Financials Dashboard showing transaction activity across time.

  • Key financial information is updated in Maximizer User Defined Fields (such as turnover, balance, account status etc.) With this you can:
    • Display financial information within Maximizer Column View layouts.

    • Search for Maximizer records using financial data and other CRM User Defined Fields.

    • Create Maximizer Dashboards showing financial data, and also indexed to other CRM data e.g. sales turnover by industry, for example.

  • The Sage Financials Data Connector by Avrion works for both Maximizer Live and On-Premise Edition. It is available as an annual low-cost subscription.

Sage Financials Data Connector by Avrion is currently available for Sage 50 (UK Edition) and Sage 200.