We are thrilled to announce the release of our new app, Maximizer Quotes for Maximizer CRM. 

Maximizer CRM is an excellent mid-market CRM software platform used worldwide by more than 30,000 companies, across most industry sectors. 

Many of our customers have asked us, as their technology partner and #1 Elite Maximizer Business partner in EMEA, to enhance Maximizer by adding a quoting module. Having successfully delivered this many times using Avrion’s technology framework, we decided that we would create a generic version to make it more affordable to not just our Maximizer customers, but Maximizer customers globally. Work with us directly, or ask us to work with your current Maximizer Business Partner – the choice is yours.

And so, Maximizer Quotes was born

 It has all the bases covered:

  • Quotes can be created straight from Maximizer CRM against Address Book, Opportunity or Customer Service records. 
  • Quotes can be updated seamlessly. 
  • Quickly and easily create professional-looking quotations. 
  • Make sure your margins are sufficient by reviewing your quote’s profit analysis.
  • Quotes can be closed by converting or losing them. 

Maximizer Quotes can be configured to match your business:

  • Manually add or import products or services from a spreadsheet. You can even export your products/services to Excel in order to make global updates, for example a 10% price increase. 
  • Multiple price lists can be set up. 
  • Manage both product tax rates and customer tax rates. 
  • Maintain currencies, payment terms, product types and units of measurement.
  • Categorise products/services. 
  • Use our base template to design and create different templates, for example, quotes, order confirmations, etc.

How can you use Maximizer Quotes? 

Stand-Alone: Simply add it to your Maximizer CRM to enable your users to quickly create quotes. An extensive configuration area makes it easy to configure to your business. 

Integrated with Accounts: One of the common enhancements we make to Maximizer Quotes is to integrate it with our customer’s accounting software – Sage, QuickBooks, Xero, and many more. As we have a wealth of experience with different accounting software, it doesn’t take us long, and therefore, it doesn’t cost as much as you might think. 

Use as a base platform: If your business needs a more specialised quoting tool, we can take our Maximizer Quotes app and enhance it further. You might want to add digital signing to make it easier for customers to approve your quotations. Or how about an approval process with limits set for rules to be applied on when approval is required? What about automated quote follow-up chasers to save your sales team valuable time and help increase close rates? With the Maximizer Quotes framework a lot of the work is already done, so we can focus on the nuances that make your business unique. 

Maximizer Quotes is compatible with Maximizer CRM Cloud and On-Premise.

Further information

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how Maximizer Quotes could help you, contact us.

Or, get connected straight away by visiting our Apps Store.